Top 6 New Trends Of Wishing Your Special One On Birthday!


Special ones are the pillars of our life. We all love to be around them and also be part of their life events always. We have a responsibility to make their special days more special. And the one of the most special days are birthdays. Birthdays make people happier and it is one of the most celebrated days of everyone’s life.

Here are some newest trends of wishing your special ones on their very special day, birthday.

1) Midnight 12 A.M Happy Birthday Wish

As day breaks from 12 A.M in the morning, why would you waste even the 5-6 precious hour of your beloved’s birthday just because it is midnight! Friends and closest ones always do the weirdest things. So, as the midnight clock strikes 12 in the midnight pick the phone up and call your beloved to be the first one to wish her/him on the special day. And it would be more special if you order his/her favorite flavor birthday cake from the site which provide birthday cake delivery service at the midnight of his/her birthday.

2) Send Wishes with Video

As we grow up and life goes busier, we have to sometimes stay apart from our beloveds. We want to desperately, but couldn’t make it to their birthdays even. But today we are living in a world that is technologically well advanced. Communication no more needs the people interacting face to face. SO the best gift from you to beloved would be a video call. He/she will know that you won’t be able to make it to the party. So, when you make a video call, he/she will be very happy. But the surprise part is, if you make the call in front of his/her home and while calling, press her/his doorbell. That doorbell will make his/her birthday the most special.

3) Door Step Happy Birthday Balloons in a box surprise

Surprises on the birthday are common from the nearest and the dearest ones. The best gift for birthday is the cake and the best complimentary is the birthday balloons. The red color heart shaped helium Mylar balloons will be the best prop to celebrate the special ones birthdays. And if you want to go a mile further, you can put the whole arrangement of his/her favorite flavor cake and birthday balloons inside a huge box and surprise him/her. Balloon delivery sites will proved you with varieties of birthday balloon arrangements. Choose the best ones from there.

4) Birthday Gift Delivery Surprise

Birthdays are always one of those days, where people are made special by wishing and appreciating their special day. And if you be one of the closest of that person, you have a bigger duty to do. It is to surprise them. How? You will meet and greet them and spend the whole day like the plans you have made. Once she/he is home, send a gift to her/his home address. And that will be the most special moment of the whole day. This is how you say happy birthday in a unique style.

5) Surprise with a Designer Cake

Birthdays are all about surprises with gifts and presents. But a birthday is just not okay or complete without a cake. As the person is your beloved one, the cake needs to be a very special one. SO, a designer cake that will have her/his favorite flavor, look like his/her favorite thing (character, things) and a small edible miniature of himself /herself, will make it very special.

6) Give surprise at the workplace

Workplace is another integral part of our life, just like home is. Though even a birthday is a workday too unless it is a holiday or weekend. But it can be a relaxing and special workday as people will be wishing you. As it is your beloved’s birthday, you can send a birthday gift in the office, addressing him/her. It will make his/her day a little happier. So after office when she/he meets you, you can see that smile on the face and will find it.

Though we all are grateful to life to for giving us different people and relations; among them some becomes specials. And above are the best ways of wishing the special ones.

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