Online Consultation With World’s Top Neurosurgeon

Online Consultation With World’s Top Neurosurgeon

Neurological problems affect almost 6 out of 10 people. Where some people have explicit symptoms that are visible and perceived, others have underlying symptoms which are only perceived in progressive stages. The former is easier to diagnose, however, the latter becomes difficult to get detected and thus often, treatment is delayed. Neurological disorders are complex and sometimes the symptoms overlap with one another making it difficult to reach a conclusion without confirmatory tests. Apart from this, diagnosing and treating complex and rare disorders often becomes difficult. In both cases, candidates often seek suggestions and consultations with other doctors and surgeons. However, owing to the current scenario, travelling has become completely restricted. This is where the online consultation benefits come into play. Though telemedicine and online consultation with doctors and surgeons, are being availed by the candidates for the last few years, it has majorly come into play in the last two years after the world has been engulfed by the pandemic. Thus, for disorders and conditions as complex as neurology, online consultation has turned out to be a boon for the sufferers, especially the ones who are already critical.

Why Online Consultation Is Suggested?

Online consultation has several benefits. Though it can not always be as beneficial as [physical visitation, it can still be of extreme help in case of emergencies. Thus, here are some reasons why online consultation can be convincingly beneficial to the candidates-

  • Online consultation with neurosurgeons in case of emergencies is possible over telemedicine. This is mostly beneficial in cases where the candidate needs to travel thousands of miles or to foreign countries to avail treatment.
  • Consultation over restricted travel. Especially during times like the present pandemic when travelling has become impossible during lockdown and restricted after unlock, online consultation is the only way to communicate with the doctors over distance.
  • Proper management of the disease during times of distress. Unless traveling is feasible, the candidates can consult doctors for various ways of managing the times of distress.
  • For a number of candidates traveling is not always the best option. In rare and complex cases, traveling with the candidate becomes difficult and not pretty affordable. In such cases, online consultation turns out to be a blessing.

Top Neurosurgeons In The World For Online Consultation

Though there are several renowned neurosurgeons across the world, not all are available for online consultation. Thus, among them, the ones already available for online consultation are:

  • Dr. Bartolome Oliver: Dr. Bartolome Oliver has been practicing in the field ever since the year 1979. Enriched with decades of experience, he has become the master of microsurgical operations in neurology. At present, he is the head of the Neurological Department at the Teknon Clinic.
  • Dr. Serdar Kahraman: Dr. Serdar Kahraman is a renowned neurosurgeon who has been enriched with over thirty years of experience. Currently practicing at the Anadolu Medical Centre, he has been appointed as the Head of the Neurosurgery Department due to his expertise in the field.
  • Dr. Pietro Mortini: Dr. Mortini more than 31 years of experience in neurosurgery has earned huge success rate in various kinds of neurosurgery. From spinal surgery to brain surgery, nerve surgery to neuro-endoscopy, his work area encircles small to major operations. He is currently housed at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy.
  • Dr. Seung- Jae Hyun: Dr. Seung- Jae Hyun is one of the finest neurosurgeons in the world. Currently serving at the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH), he has earned decades of experience in the field of neurosurgery. He has maintained a constant high success rate and is thus, has been designated as a popular medical professional in the Republic Of Korea.
  • Dr. JunSeok Bae: One of the finest and the best spine neurosurgeon in the world, Dr. JunSeok Bae has effortlessly accomplished hundreds of complex spinal surgeries within the tenure of 22 years of his service. He is currently serving in the Wooridul Spine Hospital, and his known for his supremacy in the field of neurosurgery.

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