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Peter England


Today, covering brands play a very important role during a person’s socio-economic position. Brands typically become symbols of recognition. As a result, individuals are getting more fashion-conscious and disbursement more of their financial gain on branded clothing. screenland additionally plays an important role. Role in promoting brands.

In general, the foremost well-liked clothing brands in India keep fiber quality and classy designs. In addition, beauty with comfort are the most important characteristic for the action of clothing brands within the Indian market.

these days i’m discussing one among the highest covering completes in India: Peter England. Peter England has created a mark because the biggest menswear brand in India providing Peter England Shirts and Peter England Watch. The brand is understood for its standardized cuts, higher quality, and wide assortment and fashion styles.

what’s Peter England?

Peter England is one of the foremost well-liked and necessary men’s fashion brands in India. It sells quite fourteen million clothes annually in additional than 1,000 exclusive stores, more than 3,500 multi-brand outlets, and quite 800 cities. The complete is additionally well diagrammatical in e-commerce and has been voted India’s Most trustworthy attire complete for seven years in a {very} row by the Economic Times complete Equity Survey.

The brand has set itself the goal of giving varied designs altogether classes from a sexy value of Rs. 999. The Casualwear line could be a very eclectic line of laundered cotton shirts, jeans, payload pants, graphic t-shirts, polo shirts, and winter clothes, whereas the ‘Select’ line combines high-quality formal wear with a stress on fine details with a touch of color associate degreed comfort.

whereas the varied assortment of ties, pocket squares, belts, purses, and shoes makes a particular vogue statement, the finely crafted vests, briefs, and briefs of the recently launched underclothes line guarantee most comfort and an excellent fit.

increasing across India, they introduced a replacement retail identity known as Peter England Men’s Obsession, an oversized format store that gives over 2000 distinctive styles at an unbeatable value while delivering a immature and vivacious looking expertise for everyone.

Peter England Overview:

OrganizationPeter England
Office AddressE-Commerce Division, Aditya Birla Fashion And Retail Limited Located At Sy No,517/2, 527, 528, 529, 530, 531 Of Madivala Village, Kasaba Hobli, Anekal Taluk Bangalore Urban District. Bangalore – 562107
Email (For online queries) (Store related queries) (For corporate orders)
Phone Numbers080-67593844
Store Near You

regarding Peter England:

Peter England marked its beginnings within the half of the nineteenth century once the inspiration stone for a five-story building was ordered in Londonderry, eire in the summer of 1885. England to equip troops deployed in the Boer War Marking a turning purpose in the brand’s history was the challenge of provision the very best quality covering at a decent price, a challenge that Peter England faced. Entrusted with the honorable duty of militarization British troops for battle, Peter was born in England and dressed the troopers in the finest khaki.

As their business expands associate degreed expands, they start to search out {a new|a replacement|a complete new} market during which to expand their roots. For this motive, Peter England became 1st free in India in 1997 through Madura Fashion and life style (formerly referred to as Madura Garments) within the mid-rate phase; In 2000 the organization noninheritable the worldwide rights to the brand.

Peter England selling Strategy:

What began as an honest shirt brand in India in 1997 is currently a whole lifestyle brand with merchandise for each day and every one special occasions. Formal shirts, tailored suits, jackets, and trousers mix haute couture, and impeccable cuts with a large vary of extremely curated appearance for contemporary professionals.

once a while, Peter England became the company’s leading menswear complete, creating it the foremost trustworthy brand in India and growing terribly quickly outside of India as well. covering class for seven consecutive years. it’s a large chain of shops and an oversized market in varied cities and towns. It includes one hundred fifty cities, quite 700 branded outlets, and more than 3,000 multi-brand outlets. it’s a huge client base of four million people.

introduction Members of Peter England:

For this motive, Peter England became 1st free in India in 1997 through Madura Fashion and life style (formerly referred to as Madura Garments) within the mid-rate phase; In 2000 the organization noninheritable the worldwide rights to the complete.

Peter England however It Works:

Since the brand includes a various vary of merchandise in its portfolio, they meet the wants of a large sort of target groups. The brand’s audience would be:

  • letter jeans and casuals: they’re between 1825 years old.
  • Peter England Traditions & Ethnicity: it’s for shoppers over the age of 2530.
  • Elite and Elite Sport: geared toward customers aged thirty and over.
  • For Shirts: Peter England Shirts provides the simplest quality shirts.
  • letter watches: Peter England Watch will guarantee quality watches.

Peter England offers its customers a various collection with distinctive innovations, following the construct of the elegant and classy ‘Young Formals’ evening wear for young men within the early years of his career, Peter England offers a set with a large vary of informal covering, semi-formal and wedding. and ethnic clothing (suits and blazers and party) among others.

Peter England Growth:

The complete has quite 2,000 MBOs in its network. The brand is additionally gift in additional than three hundred stores in major massive format stores cherish Max, Reliance Trends, Central, Pantaloons, and family large format stores. Peter England markets its merchandise through his in-house fashion. Portal; and thru leading portals such as Myntra, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

The brand went the additional mile to make a real expertise that was actually an “Objective in One”!The web site recorded high interest and high audience engagement with a complete impression of 26.7 million and a total reach of 5.17 lakh. The complete’s export markets embrace several geographical region countries cherish Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Doha, Saudi Arabia. Arabia and SAARC countries like Ceylon and Nepal. The brand has around fifty stores in these markets.

Is it Safe to shop for From Peter England:

The brand’s distinctive outlet offers quite 1,000 designs that take regional tastes and sensibilities into account, together with shirts, t-shirts, pants, jeans, loungewear, accessories, and covering for special occasions such as suits and blazers. and contemporary designs. the corporate strives to supply its customers high-quality fashion at cheap prices.

“Peter England includes a made and powerful inheritance of introducing innovative products. 3 years ago, the complete was launched in tiny cities of India to form premium quality menswear accessible in Tier three and Tier four markets. This store in Kalol could be a important marketplace for the brand. With this launch, we have a tendency to decide to expand our presence within the Gujarat market”

Peter England was one among the primary brands in the country to make “Sustainable Jeans Fashion”; His Oxygeans has been a part of the portfolio for quite five seasons. It bought 62,748 oxy-geans in 2013 and hold on 13,26,101 gallons of water, creating it a novel effort every body ought to purchase.

Peter England Competitors:

the key competitors of Peter England are:

  • Raymond Limited.
  • Arrow.
  • Belmonte.
  • Van Heusen.

wherever is that the workplace of Peter England:

the most office is registered within the address as Madura Fashion & life style Plot no fifty six Regent entree Doddanakundi village Kiadb Industrial space ITPL Road, Bangalore, state 560048 India.

Peter England Success:

The nationwide ad campaign was launched beneath the umbrella of “The starting of the Good” in tv, print, outside and digital media and initiated an additional section of accelerated sales and profit growth. it absolutely was the primary covering complete in Indian history to use television advertising. Their messages targeted on honesty, international first-class, and sub-top category valuation for aspiring purchasers who wished to decorate for success.

however yet the meteoric increase, its performance slowed within the 2d 1/2 the 2000s. once sales fell, Peter England had to modification course. The rivals increased, their costs remained constant, and producing prices rose. On the and side, Peter England was still the foremost trustworthy complete in its class together with Peter England Shirts and Peter England Watch, however its positioning was thought of out of date.

Peter England Market Dominance:

With its new campaign, the Peter England brand not solely helped the young Indian get smart clothes, but it additionally became a hit factor. Few places change quicker than India and this case could be a reminder that no brand will hold its own. while not closely monitoring and understanding such modifications.

The mere truth of getting a distant complete is changing into less and fewer convincing to successive generation in rising markets. that social change is going on too slowly. modification is that the solely constant in client goods, however targeted stigmatisation that empowers each customers and staff will guarantee a brand navigates the ups and downs of social change.

Peter England Awards:

They win such tons of awards and many are the utmost very important ones, ET complete Equity in 2014 for many trustworthy emblem for the 7th Consecutive Year, AFO (Asia Retail Congress) in 2015 for the simplest generation Initiative Implementation, client Loyalty Summit 2017 for the simplest customer wooing management code associate degreed Flipkart (Fashion meeting 2017) for the simplest playacting complete In Men’s formal Casual wear.

FAQs regarding Peter England:

Is Peter England an Indian brand?

Peter England, a generally British brand, was 1st introduced in India in 1997 by Madura Fashion and life style (formerly Madura Garments) within the mid-price segment; in 2000 the corporate noninheritable worldwide rights to the brand.

What is the job title at Peter England?

there’s no job security within the franchise payroll, everybody desires results with no investment (salary issues), management is sweet however just for the shop, and also the company doesn’t support the employees, they solely support the franchisees.

  • operating days: weekday to Saturday (strict gap hours).

Is Peter England a luxury brand?

The Peter England name sounds good and is certainly price a high-end brand. you have got to possess typically plan it turned into a luxury emblem from England. This is once more a part of the Aditya Birla Group.

Who is Peter England’s corporate executive and complete Ambassador?

Ashish Dikshit is CEO and brand ambassador of Peter England Ayushmann Khurrana.

that country owns Peter England?

Peter England was based in 1889, in Londonderry, Ireland to offer British troopers with fine Khaki trousers throughout the South African War. quite a century later, Peter England created its invade the Indian market in 1997.

Who founded Peter England?

it’s undertaken by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle(the Country’s largest attire maker) and Mr. Ashish Dikshit is that the corporate executive of the company. it’s Headquartered in urban center and Karnataka.

Is Peter England created in Bangladesh?

the outline says made in India however the append the shirt says Made in Bangladesh. Also, the standard isn’t just like the original shirts from Peter England. Please use caution whereas shopping for online.

what’s Peter England celebrated for?

Peter England was the primary mid-priced menswear apparel complete in India. The brand was one among the first to introduce wrinkle-fret shirts and trousers with adjustable waistbands.

Is Peter England a global brand?

It will supply formal and casual menswear segments, in denim, linen, festal wear, Indies kurtas, accessories, and more. With this robust uphold Peter England proves to be one of the strongest international brands providing the simplest worth to young Indian men.

wherever is Peter England manufactured?

Peter England shirts and Trousers are created in various units in and around Bangalore. you’ll check the tags and labels to search out out the plant details.


Peter England‘s unprecedented sort of shirts, trousers, jeans, suits & blazers, and t-shirts integrate high-fashion, impeccable fits and a large variety of curated seems line to each versatile event of brand name new young Indian men. 2019 turned into a milestone twelvemonth for the emblem because it accelerated sharply into Tier 3 and Tier four markets. Peter England to boot fresh its identity in huge cities and cities via its Men’s Obsession shops, redeeming a younger and colourful getting expertise for all.

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