Should You Use Capital on Promotional Items?

Should You Use Capital on Promotional Items

Everyone has been offered a promotional item at some point in their life. From branded pens and keyrings from a trade fair to stationery from work and a free tote bag with a purchase, there are many reasons businesses decide to give away promotional products. Many companies waste their resources on low-quality products that make little impact on consumers. However, when done right, branded swag is an incredibly effective tool for a marketing campaign. Here is a short guide to help you decide if you should spend money on promotional items.

Reasons to Invest

Promotional items are an investment, and they should be treated as such. They make great ‘thank you’ gifts to loyal customers, and you can use them to attract new consumers. Not to mention, offering high-quality promo products can lead to repeat customers. Promo goods can also be used to show employees how much you appreciate them. Promotional items also make effective advertising tools when offered at trade shows or in a direct mail campaign. For example, if you want to create promo items for a trade show that will get you noticed, forgo the cheap pens and forgettable lanyards. Instead, offer visitors something they won’t get from other stalls, such as a USB stick or a multitool keyring. A branded product will help keep you at the forefront of a potential consumer’s mind, and it will subconsciously encourage them to do business with you in the future.

Build Your Brand

Business owners of SMEs might be put off by the expense of branded products, but investing in this marketing tool is a great way to build your brand. Promotional products help potential and existing customers identify your company. Studies show that around 85 percent of consumers remember the advertisers who gave them promo goods. Therefore, choosing the right product for your brand is essential.

Pick a Product That Reflects Your Company

Use your common sense when selecting a product, and try to match your promo items with the nature of your business. Practical stationery is great for companies focusing on education, while businesses that specialize in health and fitness could offer BPA-free water bottles or sweatbands. Anthem Branding offers branded solutions to suit all business needs. Their large selection of custom merchandise and promotional products will help you achieve your business goals, from branded swag for customers to tokens of appreciation for staff.

Promotional Items For Different Purposes

Many businesses fall into the trap of splashing their hard-earned cash on meaningless branded products. Instead of wasting capital, do some research on the most attractive products for your specific audience. Always try to select an item that suits your consumer. Doing some research into the demographic profile of your consumers can help you pick the most suitable products. For instance, if your target audience works in offices, then a notebook or a set of highlighters are practical choices. On the other hand, family-focused audiences may appreciate a wall calendar for the kitchen or a branded plush toy.

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