Social Work Dissertations: Ideas You May Use While Writing

Social Work Dissertations Ideas You May Use While Writing

There is no need to stress, we suppose, that while writing dissertations an original research should be conducted. It is not possible just to search for some specific sources, summarize them and layout in your dissertation.

Either a qualitative or a quantitative research should be made if you write a social work dissertation. Some students may be confused because of the dissertation field. They may have some problems with a topic choice. Are you one of those? If you have found this article, you are a lucky person as we are going to mention some specific ideas you may easily use while writing your social work dissertation.

It is crucial to mention that this article enumerates just some ideas, not properly formulated topics. We hope you know the difference between an idea and a clearly formulated topic which is typed on the title page of a social work dissertation. Thus, here are some specific ideas for original research in your social work dissertation.

Specific ideas for social work dissertation research

  1. You may take the statistical information on children labor in different countries and conduct a comparative analysis of the information in your social work dissertation.
  2. You may try to gather the information about disabled people in your region and dwell upon the attitude to them. Is it appropriate? Are their rights followed? It is a good idea for your social work dissertation research.
  3. You can analyze the relation to HIV-positive people. It can be useful to compare and contrast the information gathered within different social layers. You should do it in your social work dissertation.
  4. A good idea for social work dissertation may be the analysis of the violence against women. You should follow the changes, if any, in different years.

Social Work Dissertation: Some Tips on What Topics to Choose

Social work dissertations are devoted to the topics of social justice and the importance of improvement of living standards. There are three main trends social work dissertations may be dedicated to: broad social work, private non-profit social work, and international social work.

Social Work Dissertation: Possible Topics for a Paper

There are different spheres of social work a student may dedicate his/her dissertation to. But first of all, a student should choose the field where he/she will conduct his/her research. Here is the list of these fields and possible topics for social work dissertations:

  1. The first possible topic for a social work dissertation is the problem of child participation in different kinds of labor force. Here a student should dwell all possible negative effects of this phenomena.
  2. Secondly, the social work dissertation may be dedicated to the cruelty towards children both within and out of families.
  3. Another aspect of social work dissertation may be the reason why inequality and injustice still exist in contemporary world.
  4. The ways to get rid of poverty may also become the topic for the social work dissertation.
  5. Another topic for such paper is the international program of help for people with different kinds of disabilities.
  6. Protest against violence is another burning issue which should be disclosed in one’s social work dissertation. Here a student may describe various national and international organizations which may help women solve such problem.
  7. Another social problem which should be described in a student’s dissertation is the problem of stigmatizing HIV positive people. In this aspect a student should disclose the reasons of stigma, the role of stigma in the life of HIV positive people, etc.

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