Speed Clean Your Home In 10 Simple Steps

Speed Clean Your Home In 10 Simple Steps

There can be any number of reasons why you might need to get your home clean in a hurry, but whatever the reason, it’s often a task that we fail at miserably. 

To help you get your home clean in a speedy but efficient fashion, follow these 10 simple steps:

  1. Dispose of any trash

Grab a trash bag and walk through your home, picking up anything that needs to be disposed of. As you do so, take note of which areas of your home will require the most attention on your speed clean. 

  1. Arm yourself with a cleaning caddy

Once you’ve got your cleaning equipment in a convenient caddy that you can carry around with you, there’s nothing you can’t achieve – at least in relation to cleaning your home anyway! A vacuum, mop and bucket will also come in handy, and having them nearby as you move through the home, can be helpful. 

  1. Begin at the top

Start your house cleaning at the highest point of every room, to prevent you from having to redouble your efforts when dust from up above ruins the floor that you’ve just vacuumed. The extent of dusting and cleaning required, will naturally depend on the condition of your home. 

  1. Have designated spots for everything

A place for everything, and everything in its place! This is a great motto to live by, or at least when it comes to keeping a clean home, and can help to significantly reduce clutter and mess. 

  1. Don’t forget the windows

You may or may not have time to clean all of your windows, or any of them, but if they’re really grubby, you should grab a squeegee and using vertical strokes, clean them with your favorite glass spray product. 

  1. Go back to basics with a feather duster

While microfiber cloths are fantastic for picking up dust instead of spreading it around everywhere, feather dusters can be more useful when trying to access dusty corners that a cloth or your hand, can’t reach. 

  1. Focus on your kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen is a space that easily gets grubby and greasy, and can make even the cleanest of homes look dirty and untidy, and a smelly, mold infested bathroom needs some TLC, fast! Fortunately, with the right products and some enthusiasm (if you can muster some!), you can get these rooms clean in next to no time. If you only have time to give them a quick clean before a guest arrives, ensure that the sink and toilet are free from stains and grime, and try to clear dirty dishes in the kitchen and wipe down grubby surfaces. 

  1. Sweep and vacuum

While many folks like to sweep their floors, vacuuming is actually more effective, and quickly traps the dust and dirt. Not only that, but with the various attachments, you can vacuum in all corners and hard to reach spaces.

  1. Sanitizing and mopping

Using water and your favourite cleaning solution, mop all of the floors in a systematic way so that you can avoid walking on them while they’re drying, but can still get from one room to the next. Think of things that you can be doing while you wait for them to dry, such as changing the bedding or hanging some laundry out. 

  1.  Make the place smell inviting

With an oil burner, scented candles or a room spray, make your home smell welcoming and fresh from the minute you step through the door. Not speedy enough for you? If time is of the essence, simply hire a cleaning company who will get your home spotlessly clean, in next to no time. Or, hire them on a regular basis to ensure that you’re never left with a dirty home.

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