Stop Your Hunger Pangs by Visiting These North Indian Restaurants in Bangalore

North Indian Restaurants in Bangalore

Are you craving pani puri, desi chaat, some sweets, or special dishes from North India? Getting the best and most affordable North Indian restaurants in Bangalore is a little tricky. But it will be easier after reading this post!

Let us tell you one thing! Bangalore is not just about bisi bele bath, dosa, and filter coffee. It will give out every flavor of India from North to South. Thus, here we are with top North Indian eating places that will serve you the best cuisine in Bangalore:

10 North Indian Restaurants for You in Bangalore

1. North Indian Food by Kapoor’s Cafe

If you are a foodie vegetarian, then you must visit Kapoor’s Cafe, which is definitely one of the best North Indian restaurants. The awesome dining experience comes with a large variety of regular Punjabi dishes and veg food, among North Indian decorations with village-style beds. While you are busy talking with your friends and enjoying the restaurant’s vibe, we suggest you order Kapoor’s special veg kabab, Masala Papad, tasty Mushroom Masala, and a range of parathas. After that, you can complete your meal with their signature Matka Lassi, and you are good to go!

If you are busy and don’t have time to visit this place, then also you can enjoy their food by ordering online at Swiggy!

2. Aligarh House: Top North Indian Restaurants in Bangalore

For those breezy, dull evenings when you only feel like watching your favorite shows and eating up delicious Mughlai dishes, we have an ideal Mughlai restaurant for you. Aligarh House is a home delivery restaurant offering real gourmet food from Western Uttar Pradesh mixed with Kashmiri flavors. From yummy Seekh Kabab and soft Shaami Kebab to a meaty thing, Aligarh House is a place that truly offers you the pathways of Aligarh.

3. Indraprastha Vegetarian

This restaurant is mainly known for its unique Indian and Vegetarian food. When you visit this place, just order well-cooked vada, masala dosa, and pav bhaji. This place also offers the delicacies of pancakes and ice creams. Apart from that, ordering tea, coffee, or fruit juice will make your food better, and you will definitely come back.

On the whole, the outstanding service shows a high-quality level, with a nice ambiance as well. Prices are also adequate here.

4. SLV Corner In Basavanagudi

If you are passing by the Vani Vilas Road near to the Ramakrishna Ashram Circle, you will surely see a crowd at the roadside. This is gonna be more so on weekends. A big crowd is out there to get a bite of their crunchy Dosas, soft Idlis, Vadas, and a variety of North Indian food at the SLV Corner. This place is famous for serving very tasty dosas and idlis, together with different South Indian snacks. It is a favorite hang out for many in the area who rely on the place. If you don’t like to wait for your favorite food in the crowd, then they deliver the delicacies right to your doorstep too.

5. EatFit

This place is all about serving authentic and healthy North Indian food, prepared with real ingredients and no trans fat. Generally, we are very busy maintaining the work-life balance to enter the kitchen and put in the time to cook a complete meal. The need, therefore, has increased for an inexpensive meal every day. So, EatFit is here to provide you with a full meal with home delivery. Thus, increasing the worth of money you spend.

6. Rajathadri Food Fort

This is a casual dining place situated in the heart of the city. It serves a huge variety of delightful and mouth-watering dishes from the entire India. The surroundings are warm and inviting, with a comfortable seating arrangement and a well-behaved staff. The list of cuisine includes various dishes from South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Continental. This restaurant also provides different beverages, which include soft drinks, shakes, juices, and mocktails. They also have special desserts and snacks on the plate. Therefore, it is an ideal place to enjoy tasty food with your family and friends.

7. Ayodhya Upchar

Famous for its breakfast food, this eatery is a must-visit place on weekends. One can get a wide variety of South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese food. This is one of the best North Indian restaurants in Bangalore, which is huge, bright, and excellent, with road-facing seating management, wide indoor seating, and a much-required kid’s play area. Special delicacies of this place are Pav Bhaji, Veg Noodles, and Filtered Coffee. You may enjoy these items at your home also by ordering online.

8. Udupi Ruchi Grand

This place assures that every North Indian food is freshly prepared in order to confirm that you get the best quality food. Order now from this one of the finest North Indian restaurants and let them deliver mouth-watering food, hot and fresh, to your home. They use all the fresh ingredients, everything that is seasonal. The food is cooked as simply as feasible to keep its natural flavor, quality, and colour. Their specialties are veg malai kofta, paneer butter masala, mixed veg curry, and poori sagu.

9. Roti Ghar

It is known as one of the top fast-food and quick-service North Indian restaurants in Bangalore, having expertise in Indian cuisine. This place has a wide range of dishes, from traditional to modern ones. The menu has a number of parathas, rotis, naans, curries, and various Indian meals. The restaurant also provides a selection of beverages, such as lassi, chai, and different Indian drinks. The ambiance is quite casual and inviting, with an amiable staff that is ever-ready to help. Overall, it is an ideal place to enjoy a tasty meal with your family and friends.

Final Words

So, these were a few North Indian restaurants in Bangalore where you can enjoy food from North India. We are assured that now, you are moved out of your hunger and desiring to taste the food that these restaurants offer. If you cannot visit these restaurants, based on where you stay, you may always order online or go for a takeaway.

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