The Benefits of Studying Mechatronics Engineering

Innovation and engineering work in both parallel worlds; they are the two sides of the engineering shapes innovation and brings innovative ideas to the real world. Engineering is constructive progress where it creates and generates practical solutions to every problem. In this era of technology and innovation, the rate of demand is getting higher. Hence, we need engineers who are capable to meet the needs and to innovate and work while using all aspects of science and technology.

The world is digitalized and surrounded by smart devices and machines thus engineers are the vanguards to lead the development of the country and its surroundings. As the devices and machines around us are intelligent and capable to meet the demands and make our life easy but the demands are limitless. Thus, the world needs more skillful and talented engineers to reach the heights of technology and construct the idea in real life. Machines are combinations of different types of complex parts that are made by various components and systems and more to make them work. Machines need to be equally smart and fast as technology is growing. Thus there is a need to update the engineering course which is known as Mechatronics Engineering; to build the new aspirants more technically strong and skillful.

BE in Mechatronics engineering is the latest technology degree program that is in demand all around the globe. This engineering program focuses on the combination of different fields of engineering to train the students to work in the challenges of the real world. You wonder about Mechatronics Engineering. yes. In this article, you will acknowledge Mechatronics Engineering and the benefits of studying  BE in Mechatronics Engineering. Let’s first discuss the meaning of Mechatronics Engineering.


Mechatronics engineering is a multidisciplinary study of various skill sets of engineering. It is a combination of the concept of mechanical engineering, computer engineering, electronic engineering, telecommunication, and system engineering specializations.

BE in Mechatronics engineering deals with the systems such as robotics, electro-mechanical systems, modeling, actuators, sensors, real-time computer interfacing, and control systems. The program includes a wide range of education and concepts. “ A Mechatronic System is not just a marriage of electrical and mechanical systems and it is more than just a control system; it is a complete integration of all of them” a definition from W. Bolton.

These definitions define Mechatronics Engineering as a system to design, and manufacture products and its process. By combining all the concepts of engineering, Mechatronics engineering becomes an essential foundation for growth for the future as well as the present as demand is increasing rapidly in the competitive world.


Mechatronics Engineers become experts to work in various fields of science and technology as they become specialists in the concepts of both mechanical and electronic engineering. The engineers must be able to design and develop sensors, actuators, digital circuits, control devices, design modern systems, mechanical devices, drones, robots, small robots for small operations, and many more.

Mechatronics engineers get lucrative job opportunities as this specialist gets the opportunity to work in the industries such as aviation, robotics, defense, manufacturing, mining, transport, and many more. As technology is advancing the opportunities for Mechatronics engineers are also increasing.

In other words, Mechatronics is an element of different fields of engineering combined to generate a new field or branch. It is a great learning course for future aspirants as studying Mechatronics Engineering generates a number of benefits. Let’s have a look over the benefits of studying Mechatronics Engineering


  1. Versatile Area – Mechatronic Engineering generates a versatile area of application to work in it. The availability of a wide area of opportunity to work leads to uplifting their career in that application. Mechatronic Engineering is a combination of different engineering specializations thus Mechatronics Engineering graduates do get a chance to work in other branches also. Due to its versatile and multi-skill behavior, the jobs are at the edge for Mechatronics Engineering graduates. The graduates can build their careers in applications such as computer science, robotics, mechanical systems, and many more.

2. Wide Area of Applications– As mentioned above Mechatronics engineering is versatile. Thus, it has a wide area of applications. As it includes different branches of engineering. Hence, this field has to provide lots of areas of application to work. Mechatronics engineering offers great opportunities for graduates which is definitely helpful and leads their careers up indeed. Let me introduce you to some well-known areas of applications as follows-

– Computer Science

– Robotics

– Nanotechnology  

– Automation

– Electrical Systems

– Biomedical Systems

– Mechanical Systems

3. It’s New and Less Saturated – Mechatronics Engineering Is a relatively new member in the field of engineering. Unlike other engineering programs, graduates who are in huge numbers find a decent job with a good salary package. The Mechatronics engineering program graduates are fewer in number thus, it can be assumed that there is a safe saturation level I.e. It is not high or over-saturated like other engineering branches which end up with a number of job seekers that are adding up each year. As the future is demanding Mechatronics Engineers in the job market thus Mechatronics Engineering is the fastest developing field with numerous new areas of application and job opportunities for aspirants. The Mechatronics engineering field is the fastest growing field as compared to any other branch of engineering.

  1. Great Job Scope– Mechatronics Engineering offers ample job opportunities to work anywhere in the globe specifically in developed countries or abroad. The graduates of Mechatronics Engineering who want to build their career outside the country have great news as developed countries offer numerous job opportunities related to this field. Mechatronics Engineering professionals are in demand in these countries with lucrative salary packages too.

As technology is at a rapid pace, the need of intelligent and skilled engineers is needed and the future needs Mechatronics Engineers as the job in this field is referred to as a high priority job in the future. As demand increases the products and their manufacturing increase correspondingly the jobs are also increased. All around the globe, the demand is huge for Mechatronics engineers. There is no doubt that you don’t get benefits after pursuing your studies in this specialization of engineering. It provides a promising career to brighten your future.

Now the question arises of where to study Mechatronics Engineering as few educational institutes are offering this program. As universities are few, the students need to find the best. We are here to guide you to the best institution to go ahead and study for your desired degree program.

Why is TERNA Engineering College the best for studying Mechatronics Engineering? 

TERNA ENGINEERING COLLEGE (TEC) is one of the best private engineering colleges in Mumbai,  Maharashtra. This college was established in 1991, affiliated with the University of Mumbai. Terna Engineering College is accredited and approved by AICTE, DTE, NBA, and FRA. The college gained 40th rank among the top private engineering colleges in India by Times Ranking 2020. This is the only college to offer Apple Lab also. Terna Engineering College offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the discipline of engineering. There are total 4 programs that the college offers such as –

– Bachelor degree of Engineering

– Master degree of Engineering

– Research Programme in Engineering

– PGDM with various specializations i.e. Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, Hospital, and Health Management.

Admission to Terna Engineering College is done on the basis of the entrance exams.  The faculty of the college is highly qualified and well experienced in their fields to provide the best education to their students.

The placement record provided to students by the college is 100%. The top recruiting companies who visit the campus  to select skilled, trained aspirants are HCL, Capgemini, Reliance, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Jio, Atos, CSC, TATA, Godrej, IBM, L&T, and many more.

 Terna engineering college is the only college in Maharashtra that offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering.

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) In Mechatronics Engineering from TERNA

TERNA Engineering College is one of the best BE Colleges in Mumbai. Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering is a full-time course of the undergraduate degree program of 4 years with an intake of 60 seats. Candidates can apply online for admission on the official website of the college.

Eligibility criteria

  • The students should pass their 12th from a recognized board or equivalent examination with Physics & Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of Chemistry / Computer Science / Biotechnology / Biology/Computer Science/ Information Technology / Engineering Graphics / Agriculture/ Informatics Practices/ Business Studies / Vocational Subjects with at least 45 % marks.
  • For backward castes, EWD & PWD and candidates belonging to Maharashtra State only must obtain 40% marks in above mentioned subjects taken together.
  • Or students should pass Diploma in Engineering and Technology examination with at least 45% marks. ( 40% marks in the case of reserved candidates).
  • Candidates must have to appear for the MHTCET entrance exam.

For Lateral Entry

  • Candidates must have completed Diploma Course in Engineering and Technology in relevant stream with minimum 45% marks.

Other Eligibility Criteria

– Candidates of Maharashtra State must appear for MHTCET.

– Candidates of All India must appear for MHTCET/ JEE Mains.

Placements in Terna Engineering College

Being the best engineering college in Thane, Mumbai, TERNA Nerul is best known for its successful placement drives. The placement rate at Terna Engineering College is good. There is a 70% to 100% placement rate in the college. The recruiting companies always visit the campus for the selection of candidates who are capable of facing the challenges of the real world. The recruiting companies such as Atos, Capgemini, GODREJ, IBM, Amdocs, Hexaware Technologies, Bristlecone India, and many more.

The Terna engineering college in Mumbai offers the best qualification to their students in engineering and technology studies. The main vision of the institution is to make their students skilled and trained to meet the challenges of the future and innovate for the future. This college is the best choice for aspirants who want their learning experience at its best.

For more information, you can visit their official website –


  1. Can I get admission to BE in Mechatronics if I have done a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering?

 – Yes, you can get admission in BE in Mechatronics through lateral entry admission.

  1. Is Mechatronics Engineering a course in demand?

– Yes, As technology is advancing the demand for this course is increasing correspondingly.

3.  Does TERNA Engineering College, Nerul provide placement after degree completion? 

Yes, TERNA Nerul is best known for providing 100% placement to their students in various multinational companies.

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