The Best Flight in School Los Angeles

The Best Flight in School Los Angeles

As the stylish flight in academy Los Angeles, Santa Monica Flyers provides a cornucopia of flight training programs with amazing people for all situations of experience. See how we can help you get finding the best flight school in Los Angeles

Come fly the finest, most affordable aircraft in Santa Monica

Welcome to Santa Monica Flyers home of Southern California’s premier flight academy Los Angeles and aircraft reimbursement center. Our line includes the most advanced aircraft available to give world-class flight training that’s safe, energy-effective, and ultra-modern. Our friendly and professional flight preceptors will guide you through the entire process of literacy to fly, making the process readily, fun, and safe. Santa Monica pamphlets are the perfect place for all situations of experience from first-time pamphlets to educated aviators. We’re also the only aeronautics academy in Santa Monica offering Sport airman licenses in 20 hours, not 40.

As a Flight School Los Angeles we’re also proud to be a Cirrus Training Center

As a Cirrus Training Center, Santa Monica Flyers is part of a world-class global network of elite flight seminaries that specialize in Cirrus flight instruction. These training centers give Cirrus settlements for aviators and are needed to have CSIP- certified preceptors who have gone over and beyond to complete their flight training to a degree that exceeds assiduity norms.

Our Certified Flight preceptors in our Flight School in Los Angeles

Whoever said the sky was the limit had never been in the sky ahead. Through world-class instruction and hands-on training programs, our preceptors help you reach your aeronautics pretensions. No matter which aircraft you’re looking to take off in, we will help you fly in style and choose the right literacy path for your requirements.

Training Programs as a Flight School Los Angeles

At Santa Monica pamphlets, we understand that not every leaflet is after the same thing, which is why we offer an abundant range of instruments and training with different aircraft. With a pukka flight educator, it’s no way too late to pursue your dreams. Browse our different types of instruments or get in touch with one of our support staff to bespeak your preamble flight with our moment.

Certificates & Ratings

Our Full Immolation of Certificates & Ratings

  • Sport Pilot Certificate
  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate( Single Machine)
  • Certificated Flight educator Certificate with a Sport Pilot Rating
  • Certificated Flight educator Certificate
  • PART 107- Drone Operations

Endorsement & Checkouts

Available Endorsement & Checkouts

  • Complex( countersign)
  • High Performance( countersign)
  • High Altitude Airport(>,000 MSL)( checkout)
  • Catalina( checkout)
  • Transition to 172( checkout)
  • Transition to G1000( checkout)
  • Transition to Cirrus SR20( checkout)
  • Flight Review( formerly BFR)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check( aka IPC)
  • Spin Training( for all aviators)
  • Tailwheel( Countersign)

Book Your Intro Flight moment with a dependable Flight School in Los Angeles

Are you ready to bespeak your preamble flight with us and learn to fly with some of the stylish flight preceptors in and around Los Angeles? Get in touch with our support staff moment to get started and get ready to take your first flight.


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