The Best Marathi Engagement Outfits for Brides-to-be

Best Marathi Engagement Outfits

There’s no denying that traditions, rituals, and customs are, in essence, what constitute the Maharashtrian culture, or any culture, for that matter. Maharashtrians have their religious beliefs deeply integrated into their roots. This much is very clear in their weddings only. It’s essential to mention that they consider their rituals sacred, and hence observe them with absolute conviction. Owing to the commitment to their traditions, the Marathi people have continued to dress up in authentic Maharashtrian dresses instead of the new options.

Marathi matrimony is all about richness and enthusiasm. This is further amplified by their culture that gets directly reflected onto their wedding plans. Moreover, the wedding ensemble provides complete grace, coupled with exciting colours and overwhelmingly stellar. 

Most people skip their heartbeats when they see a Maharashtrian bride for the first time.

Now that the fundamentals are all explained, it’s time to dive into details. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Marathi engagement dress codes for the bride-to-be. 

Marathi Engagements

1. Play Around With Drapes

When it comes to saree draping, the Maharashtrian women have their cultural take. You can always go for the regular saree draping at your wedding. However, if you want to integrate the traditional value of Marathi Matrimony, there is the Nauvari way of draping. Moreover, if you have prior experience with draping or are comfortable with the style, you can take it a notch higher by trying a Peshwai drape or even the Mastani drape to get a unique look.

2. Opt for Monotone to Look Graceful

Nothing can beat the beauty and simplicity of the monotone of the saree. Thus, if you are looking for the perfect engagement saree, opt for a single tone with minimal design. You will not only look graceful but stand out in the crowd. Your inner beauty will do all the talking!

3. What about Some Heirloom Magic

If you want your Marathi bridal look to be genuinely different from the new options, you must consider tapping into some heirloom magic. Your immediate choice of action should be to scour the closets of all the elderly ladies in the house. Explore all the silk dupattas and old sarees, which you can use as shelas. Moreover, there’s always vintage jewellery that will immediately draw the attention of everyone. There’s no denying that heirloom pieces bring in their love and magic. 

4. Think Beyond Conventional Weaves

As mentioned already, the Paithani sarees are trendy and culturally well-accepted in the Maharashtrian community. However, that shouldn’t restrict you from exploring other weaves if you wish to create a unique bridal look. You could easily pick a Kanjeevaram or even a Narayan Peth saree, coupled with the traditional Maharashtrian jewellery, to achieve that perfect blend of traditional and contemporary on your wedding day. 

5. A Match Made In Heaven – Green and Yellow 

Much like every walk of life, there are colour shades for sarees that must be paired up together to get a pleasing look. One such example of combinations is bright green with a blazing yellow. You must have a good judgment of colour combination to pick the right colour shade and pair it up with your elegance. 

6. Orange Is The Colour Of The Season

One colour that is underrated in Marathi wedding outfits yet contributes to the fullest is orange. More and more brides-to-be are opting for orange when picking their ideal saree for the wedding event. This colour is a genuine crowd-pleaser, thereby effectively helping you to create a statement fashion on the day. 

7. Follow Both the Trend and Traditions 

The Maharashtrian brides often venture into experimenting with their wedding looks while not altogether dropping their traditional values. They might chance upon some other fabric or make for their wedding saree, but they will always opt for the much-adored mundavalya to complete their bridal look. There’s no denying that the mundavalya adds its essence of tradition as well as panache.

8. Opting for a Trendy Blouse Is Mandatory

A saree looks incomplete without the perfect blouse, right? So opt for a statement blouse that will steal the show! Say no to the matching blouse and choose some different and bright colours if your engagement saree is in a lighter shade. Does the saree have any motifs or embroideries? Then why not make the tailor do the same work on the blouse and look simply stunning?

9. Minimal Is Very Much “In” Now

Gone are the days when the girls would opt for heavy ensembles for her engagements and nuptial ceremony. All the modern brides are opting for a minimal look now – be it their saree, jewellery or makeup – they are keeping everything simple. The same applies to the Marathi girls as well. With a saree in pastel shades with a simple matching necklace, earrings and very soothing makeup, let your inner shine come out!

The Bottom Line

Maharashtrian wedding outfits are best known for their elegance and beauty. Now it is up to the bride whether she wants to go extravagant with her bridal look or settle for the minimal bridal looks, which are, by the way, trending these days. Follow all the ideas shared above and look like the diva you always wanted to be on your engagement day!

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