The cover of “Vivre ou survivre ” by Daniel Balavoine by Paul

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The song “Vivre ou survivre” by Daniel Balavoine is one of the classics of French song. Written in 1984, it has been covered by many artists, but one of the most notable is that of Paul Simon. Paul Simon’s cover, titled “Paul Official Music” on

YouTube, went viral due to its moving performance and stage direction.

Daniel Balavoine’s original song

Vivre ou survivre” is a song both personal and universal that speaks of the struggle to continue to live despite the difficulties. The song was written by Daniel Balavoine after the death of his eldest son and reflects his own experience of grief and pain.

The song was a commercial success and was widely appreciated for its sincerity and emotional depth.

The cover of Paul Simon

The cover of Paul Simon is an original version of this classic of the French repertoire and more contemplative of the original song. Paul Musique Official of his real name Paul SIMON participated in the famous show (The Voice) in 2015. Paul covers many French songs on his Youtube channel. Find Paul on social networks to discover or

rediscover all his covers but also his compositions. Lots of acoustic videos are already online for the pleasure of sharing and music. Paul SIMON is a French singer-songwriter who offers many covers on the web. The French singer regularly covers songs by Daniel Balavoine. Discover without delay the video clip of Vivre ou survivre on the official paul music Youtube channel!

Also discover all its news on its official website:


The cover of “Vivre ou survivre” by Paul Simon is an example of how a song can be reinterpreted in a creative and personal way. He managed to capture the emotion of the original song while giving it his own personal touch. The video of the cover also was a hit because of its original and moving staging, and it shows that even songs

that have been widely released can still be reimagined in interesting and meaningful ways.

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