The Promise Of HIIT For Strength Training

HIIT For Strength Training

Pumping iron does more than boost your muscle mass. It also burns calories, prevents cognitive decline, boosts bone strength, and minimizes the risk of heart disease. These amazing benefits gained from strength training can be achieved without spending too much time.

Research shows that practicing a set that contains just 11 repetitions of any single strength exercise is as beneficial as 5 sets of the same routine. This implies that when it comes to building endurance and strength, a set of a single strength exercise is as effective as 5 sets.

This research indicated that male participants in a high resistance, low volume training group one set of bench presses or squats did not consume a lot of time. In fact, they spent about 15 minutes each day for this strength routine. However, they achieved the same results as those that spent up to an hour daily.


HIIT is an acronym for High-Intensity Interval Training. A physical therapist and certified conditioning and strength coach has made a good explanation of HIIT for Resistance Exercises (HIIT-RE).

He explained that our bodies continue to burn calories at rest when exercises involving active recovery and High-Intensity are carried out. This is because our body is deprived of oxygen due to the minimal rest time allowed by these exercises.

He further explained that HIIT strength training gives room for more workouts with little time. This can be crucial for anyone that is extremely busy and is looking for a way to workout. To learn more about this visit this site.


Research sponsored by the American Council of Exercise (ACE) was conducted to evaluate if conventional strength-training routines gave similar results to HIIT-RE. After several studies, they concluded that 20 minutes of HIIT-RE is as effective in getting noticeable results as a 40-minute strength-training workout.

More research has been conducted on analyzing the effects of HIIT cardio workouts. However, few studies have been conducted on the strength-training aspect of HIIT.
An expert indicated that the key to achieving the same result in less time when it comes to HIIT-RE is finding the right intensity level.


The research conducted by ACE recorded the best results with five HIIT-RE repetitions of optimal weight. This is the highest weight size that a person can lift without distorting the form of the body. This implies that the definition of high-intensity varies on an individual basis.

It is crucial that you discover what your definition of high-intensity is in other to get the best benefit from HIIT strength-training. This means that you will be required to adjust the maximum weight as your strength continues to improve. This will keep the exercises challenging. High-Intensity is at its optimal range when you are working out within the 7-8 range on an exertion scale of 1-10.

You should be able to say at least two words between breaths as you exercise.


It is important that you learn to set a limit when it comes to HIIT-RE. Everything remains good when it is done moderately. It is important to know that when it comes to HIIT, more does not necessarily mean better. 2-3 days of HIIT strength-training in a week is all you need to see amazing results.

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