Things to Do in Cairo: First Time Traveler


Cairo, Egypt’s vast metropolis, is regarded as a magnificent city with an extraordinary past, holding the heritage of the Pharaonic era to the echoes of Islamic civilization. This infuriatingly gorgeous city, which has been resting on the banks of the Nile River for 1000 years, offers a lot to see and do inside its borders.

Whether it’s the majestic minarets that tower above the city or the 19th-century buildings, Africa’s largest metropolis has a lot to offer that’s worth exploring. Noise, smog, and traffic may make a first visit to Egypt’s capital tough to manage, but the city has so much to offer those who look past its difficulties. Cairo is a vibrant city where you can get a true sense of Egyptian street life.

Camel rides at Giza

The Giza Tomb is a vast expanse reaching into the desert, containing a world-famous pyramid, the Sphinx, and other funerary buildings. Camel rides are the greatest way to circle the pyramids, and children love them. You will be surrounded by guides and camel riders offering rides as soon as you reach the Giza Pyramid Complex.

Prepare to negotiate and obtain the greatest bargain possible; if you do not want to take one, do not waste their time. Camels and their saddle seats are decked out in brightly coloured fabrics and jewels. They stand out against the monotony of sand dunes and pyramid stones.

Camels may be used to go through the desert and surrounding sand dunes, allowing you to photograph distant pyramids.


Hurghada: Sunset Quad Tour Along the Sea and Mountains

At sunset, soak the beauty of Hurghada’s desert. Discover magnificent cliffs by quad bike in the sunset views of the sea and mountains. A representative will pick you up from your accommodation and transport you to the tour’s start location.

A bilingual expert guide will give you an overview of the program. They will assist you in setting up your driving gear. Enjoy the scenery as you go through the hills and past the mountains. After that, take in the sunset as it sets between the majestic mountains.

Nile Pharaoh Dinner Cruise Cairo

Experience a two-hour cruise on the iconic Nile Pharaoh Night Cruise in Cairo, where you’ll be greeted to an international buffet dinner as well as musical performances. You may also go upstairs to the sundeck to see the magnificent Cairo sights spread along the Nile River’s banks, as well as the city’s sparkling lights at night.

So, are you ready for a mesmerizing trip in the Nile River? Book Dxb to Cairo flights now or if you are traveling from any other country look for the flight tickets right away.

Observe the Dervishes in Motion

Watch the mysterious swirling dervishes. The “tannoura” is one of Cairo’s wonders. The dervishes swirl of music in a dream condition in a famous rite traced back to Sufi tradition. The Egyptian tannoura costumes are more vibrant, adding to the show’s entertainment value.

Cairo, Egypt’s busy capital has a wealth of intriguing and unique things to see and do, making it an ideal destination for people who enjoy navigating the chaos of third-world cities. You’ll discover that Cairo is a city that never sleeps when roaming the bustling, maze-like streets both during the day and at night. 

Manyal Palace, Qalaun Madrassa, a-Nasr Mohammed Madrassa, and as-Salih Ayyub Madrassa are all fascinating and wonderful sites to visit in Cairo. The Ancient Village provides information and activities for visitors of all ages, and Al Sorat Farm is a wonderful place for families to visit in Cairo.

Take some inspiration from all these top Cairo attractions and start planning a memorable vacation.


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