Tips And Tricks on How to Play Ludo Cash Games and Win Big

Ludo app game

Ludo is a popular board game played by many people in India. The game is played by millions of people using traditional ludo boards and dice. However, the biggest drawback to playing the game on traditional boards is that you need to have other people physically present in the same location to enjoy the game properly.

With the rise of the internet, ludo fans can now play the game on apps connecting with countless players online, allowing them to play anytime, anywhere, even alone. Many apps even allow you to play ludo with real money india. If you are interested in winning these cash prizes, read and try to follow these tips:

Tips And Tricks on Win Real Cash On Ludo Apps

Here are some tips and tricks on how to play Ludo real cash games and win big:

  • Read the rules of the ludo game before you start playing. While knowing the rules of the classic ludo board game is important, some apps may have different rules and winning conditions. Study them thoroughly and ensure you follow all the required regulations.
  • Play free ludo games on the ludo app multiple times to familiarise yourself with the controls, tactics, and strategies required to win on that particular app. Do this whenever you get a new app, as every app is different, and you may discover new ways to win.
  • Once you are confident with your gaming skills playing with free games, try playing with your friends. Try to create new strategies and tactics to beat them. This is a good risk-free way to prepare for real cash games.
  • Think carefully before making any moves. Do not take unnecessary risks and place your tokens in danger spots. When playing ludo with real cash, you should stay extremely careful to avoid losing your tokens and money.
  • When your ludo account accumulates the minimum amount required for withdrawal, do so immediately. The longer you keep your funds in the account, the higher the chances of losing them.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Ludo Money App

There are many factors to consider when choosing a Ludo money app. Some of the most important ones are:


Do thorough research on the app before you start playing real cash games on it. Check its reviews and ratings online and choose the ones with the best customer reviews. Ludo apps with longer histories and larger player bases are usually more trustworthy. Check the security features that the app employs to protect your personal and financial information.

Examples of security features include OTP authentication, data encryption technology, and password protection. Also, try to determine whether the app has a fair winning system.

Ease of Use

The simpler and easier the interface is, the better your ludo app experience will be. You should be able to switch and navigate between games and matches easily and seamlessly without any issues. Ideally, the app should also run smoothly on your Android or iOS device without lagging. You can check out app screenshots online to understand the layout and user interface.

Game Modes

To prevent boredom from playing the same games repeatedly, it is important to choose an app that provides various game and player modes. Ideally, the game should allow you to play free games against the computer on local and online multiplayer and real cash games on local and online multiplayer.

Local multiplayer means playing against your friends while you are all in the same place, while online multiplayer means playing against players worldwide using the internet.

Transaction Options

When you play ludo real cash games, depositing and withdrawing cash should be as easy and straightforward as possible. Select a ludo app that accepts INR as a currency and supports transaction methods popular in India, like UPI, IMPS, and NEFT.

Check the time required to withdraw your winnings from the app, transaction fees and the minimum withdrawal amount before you start playing games. Also, thoroughly read and understand the app’s terms and conditions on deposits and withdrawals.


While ludo relies on luck, a skilled player can take the worst rolls and use them with a good strategic mindset to win the game. Playing real money ludo games can be lucrative if you are a skilled player.

All you need to do is find a good real cash ludo app and play your favourite game against thousands of international players to earn real money. When you select a real money ludo app, ensure it is genuine, has high player approval, and proper security measures. Taking a few simple steps can ensure entertainment and earnings for you simultaneously.

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