Tools For Car Repair

Tools for car repair

Are you a beginner car mechanic or just a car owner who likes to repair it with his own hands? Apart from certain skills, you will need a decent set of tools. Regardless of your car make, model and production year, there are typical irreplaceable tools you can find in AUTODOC. There are too many various types and makes of automotive tools, so, typically, you will need:

1. A set of socket spanners and sockets:

Often these sets come in a convenient and durable case, also supplied with hex keys, screwdrivers, ratchets, extenders and some other tools.

2. Pliers:

These hand tools of various types and sizes are necessary for working with car wiring, on-board electronics. There are also wire-strippers and cutters.

3. A torque wrench:

Such tool is necessary for setting the proper torque during screwing in bolts, nuts and spark plugs. A fixture tightened with improper torque can get damaged, stuck or even bended.

4. Spanners:

No car mechanic can manage without these useful hand tools. Usually, you will need a whole selection of different sizes. Typically, a spanner has a ring and an open end on each side.

5. Screwdrivers:

You will definitely need Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, and one with a long shank for working in hard-to-reach locations.

6. Mallets:

A dead blow mallet is used for removing stuck bolts. A rubber mallet will also be handy. These mallets are covered with a soft material for preventing marring of metal surfaces. A small hammer with a metal head can also be useful for car repair.

7. A light source:

Most often, a handheld flashlight and a stationary light will be necessary. Modern lights have LEDs instead of light bulbs – they emit brighter light and serve longer.

8. A multimeter:

These multi-functional tools are vital for working with car wiring, circuit diagnostics, measuring voltage, current. Some of them even have a spot temperature measuring function, helping to find overheated elements.

9. An impact driver:

These tools can help to quickly remove and install lug nuts and bolts. They can be battery or pneumatically driven.

10. Various cleaners and lubricants:

These products come in the form of pastes, sprays and fluids, depending of servicing part/unit.

11. Air Ratchet:

It is one of the most powerful and robust tool that you need to have in your kit. It is similar to hand ratchet but has air motor which moves the socket. Once you on this it drives its motor which drives it’s socket and the attached bolt can easily be removed.

12. Battery carrier:

Car battery is so heavy that’s it’s difficult to carry for a normal person. If you are mechanic then you can’t skip this tool from your kit. All you need to do is to open the jaw of this tool and hop it over the battery this way you can carry the battery easily without even creating any mess with your clothes.

13. Hood light:

This is again one of the most useful tool when you are repairing your car in night. Sometimes car gets break down in the middle of the journey and if it is night then you need this tool especially if you are working under the hood. Because hood contains engine and it has lots of wires and cables which is difficult to see without light.

14. Flexible funnel:

Funnel comes in the picture when you need to change the oil. Doing it directly through bottle can lead you in to a huge mess. So flexible funnel makes your job easy and also one of the tool that you can consider important.

You can find all these and much more tools and accessories for car maintenance and repair in our online-shop.


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