Top 10 AV Rental Companies in Dallas

AV Rental Companies in Dallas

Seminars. Presentation. Reception. There are various instances where one needs audiovisual aids to make an impact. This includes speakers, projectors, and lightings. Unless you have a lot of savings in the bank, the chances are that you don’t wish to purchase audiovisual supports.

Instead, renting it out is a much plausible solution. After all, it is not every day you need to watch a movie on the big screen or host a seminar!

In Dallas, there are various rental companies to choose from. For your ease, we have listed down the top ten ones.

  1. Zoe Audio Visual

Zoe Audio Visual began its journey back in 2002 and since then has hosted quite a lot of events. They deliver equipment, including video monitors, screens, lighting, projectors, and audio solutions.

The company manages to offer reasonable packages depending on your needs. For instance, if you have just the sound system rather than the entire audiovisual solution, the helpful staff at Zoe Audio Visual will come up with the perfect set of equipment for you.

  1. Showtech Productions

Among all the AV rental companies in Dallas, Showtech has managed to be a good bet. Established in 1997, the firm has since worked with a wide variety of clientele. It delivers services including audio production for virtually any space and functions, setting up both small and large projectors, lighting solutions, and video mapping.

When it comes to rental, the engineers at Showtech offer customized solutions depending on the clients’ needs. The fact that they recommend the right tools and ensure the quality of each equipment has allowed Showtech to be one of the top rental companies.

  1. Crossroads Audio

Crossroads Audio is yet another AV rental company that has been quite popular among Dallas residents for decades. It was launched in the early ’70s and deals with selling used equipment along with renting them out.

The place features an excellent inventory, including microphones, DJ equipment, video, and audio solutions, etc. The entire staff is an expert at the concert, event, and festival production, which allows them to recommend the right options to you.

  1. Onstage Systems

Onstage System is known because it has Absen certified technicians in the firm. Hence, they are considered to be a credible authority within the Audio Visual industry. It has also managed to bag various awards, including the prestigious ISES Esprit Award and Event Solutions Spotlight Award.

You can find lighting, staging, video, audio, and backline equipment for rent in their stores. Since the company takes various measures to keep each equipment well-maintained, you don’t have to worry about malfunctions either.

  1. Jack 1 Entertainment

Established in 1998, Jack 1 Entertainment is an AV rental company that has ensured its spot in this list due to the excellent customer service it has. Each of its staff members is highly resourceful and helpful.

You will find all the mainstream brands in their shops, whether it be Black Magic or Panasonic. Their excellent range of equipment, along with the customer experience they provide, make them a great rental company to choose from.

  1. Event Ninja Pro

Yet another company that has managed to grab a spot in this list due to the customer experience it provides is Event Ninja Pro. Apart from conventional rental solutions, Event Ninja also offers live video production as well as streaming services.

Compared to other firms on the list, this one is quite cost-effective. So those of you who are looking for an audiovisual aid on a budget, this might be a great place to find it.

  1. Dallas Event Audio

If you are looking for high-end premium solutions, Dallas Event Audio will have your back. The excellent quality of each of the equipment it offers makes this a great place to turn to when you are hosting a concert or a similar event.

They might be a little pricey, but the quality makes it worth every penny.

  1. AVL Dallas

AVL Dallas is not a choice you should make when renting out equipment for a big event. This is because the firm only caters to medium-sized corporations at maximum. They are known for handling a corporate event of small and medium enterprises with perfection.

So, if you are looking for a solution for your business event in Dallas, you now know where to turn to.

  1. Blue Moon Cinemas

Looking for AV support for your outdoor event? Blue Moon Cinemas will be able to help you out. Apart from delivering rental solutions, the firm also offers event-consulting service to help make sure that you execute your event properly.

You will find a diverse inventory of projectors, outdoor and indoor screens, speakers, and mixers in the company.

  1. Sound & Music Garage

A diverse group of DJs, technicians, and musicians got together to form Sound & Music Garage. This firm is a prime example of quality meeting affordability. It offers cost-effective rental packages, and each of its equipment works flawlessly and without any errors.

The fact that it delivers pre and post-production services acts as a cherry on the cake!


Leave your AV related concerns behind with any of these ten top companies. Focus on the event at hand instead!

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