Top 6 Best trekking destinations in Asia

Top 6 Best trekking destination in Asia

Trekking in Asia has something to offer everyone. From the sparse mountains of Nepal to the lush forests of Bhutan, there are beautiful destinations to explore in every country, and many have affordable pricing. Here is our pick for the best trekking destination in Asia:

1. Nepal – The Himalayas are one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges. About a third of the world’s highest peaks are located here, as well as many sacred Buddhist sites. Nepal had a population of 26.5 million in 2010. Since 1991, it has experienced political stability and economic development. The country is one of the poorest in South Asia.

Nepal has five different trekking regions, and each offers various options for visiting the region. The trek includes most of the Himalayan peaks from Mount Everest to Ganesh Peak (11,750 feet), Mt. Kanchenjunga (28,169 feet), and many other magnificent mountains. Nepal’s cultural heritage is also unique, with one of the world’s oldest living traditions. The Newari culture stands out in Nepal as it is different from all other cultures in South Asia.

2. India – At the most south-westerly point of India lies its most remote state, located at the Great Himalayan Range, Sikkim. Traveling to this place will surely be both an interesting and rewarding experience. The remote land is along the eastern side of the Himalayas and is connected to Tibet by a narrow land pass through Bhutan. Sikkim has a tourism industry that offers adventure trekking, short treks, and paragliding.

India’s best-known trekking destination is Ladakh, which is considered one of the world’s most scenic trekking destinations. The sheer beauty of this region is absolutely mind-blowing with peaks, lakes, rivers, and meadows that seem to go on forever. The trekking trails are abundant and include the high passes of the famous Lamayuru-Zanskar, Kunzum-Lachung, Markha Valley, and the Hemis and Stok treks.

3. Bhutan – It is the only country in Asia to have national pride in Gross National Happiness, a measure of how well citizens live together. The Bhutanese government began promoting alternative development as a way to promote its culture and heritage instead of exploiting its rich natural resources. Bhutan is one of the most remote countries in the world. It is located in the eastern Himalayas, surrounded by China to the north, Tibet to the west, and India to the south. The Bhutanese culture is similar to Asian cultures as it subscribes to Buddhist traditions.

The treks in Bhutan are varied and include trekking through dense forests with beautiful mountain views, historical villages, and riverwalks that have amazing views. It has challenging treks that include crossing from one valley to another where there are no trails and you have to cross the rivers by a stick bridge.

4. Butaman Islands – This part of India is located at Sundarbans National Park and is home to a variety of flora and fauna. It is a popular destination for its exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches, tropical forests, and numerous waterfalls. The island has experienced many natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, and landslides. During Cyclone Sidr in 2007, more than 50,000 refugees were forced to flee their homes with only 20% of the residents returning after the cyclone.

Within the national park lies Hatia, a small village that is home to different tribes. It has rustic and simple houses which are built from clay and wood. The houses are far from Western standards of design and seem to be a time capsule of their history and culture. Tribes around this area are known for their well-preserved ancient customs and traditions, which include the matriarchal system.

5. China – China is composed of a vast territory with a long and rich history divided into eight administrative regions. The north has a cold climate, while the south is hot and humid. Meanwhile, there are also several islands within the coastal lowlands that have no hills and sandy soil.

China has many natural attractions that make it a treasured place to visit. One of the most beautiful places in China is the Huangshan National Park, which has a number of spectacular mountains. One of them, Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain), is considered as one of the most famous mountains in China and one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism.

In Yunnan Province lies the southwest Yunnan National Park, which covers an area of 756 square miles and has lush forests. It offers hiking trails through bamboo forests with rolling hills and pine trees. The landscape shows many different terrains including cliffs, ravines, grass fields, and woodlands.

Also in Yunnan Province lies its famous friend Nanjing Tianmushan Forest Park. This park is divided into three levels, which include mountain peak, level, and valley plains. Hiking trails through these forested areas have different views of bamboo forests, pine groves, and green valleys.

China’s natural wonders are treasures to behold. People have been fascinated by the beautiful landscapes that they have immortalized in their paintings. The country is home to many rich minerals, leading to the discovery of many fossils embedded in rocks.

6. The Philippines – This country is an archipelago with 7107 islands making it the biggest in Southeast Asia. The Philippines has a tropical climate with its highest rainfall between May and October when typhoons usually occur. When these storms pass, the typhoons include hailstorms, thunderstorms, and heavy rains.

The Philippines is home to many beaches that are very famous all over the world. The white-sand beaches in Luzon Island have dark blue water and white sand. The Philippines has a variety of colors such as gray, green, yellow, and red on its beaches due to the mineral deposits that cause the sand to change color.

On the island of Boracay, there are many limestone cliffs with vibrant greens hugging the sea. The cliffs are also home to a stand of oolong tea plants. Due to its steep cliffs, this area is relatively free from erosion, unlike other areas. On the island of Bohol lies the famous Chocolate Hills, which lie on a flat plain with hills that are covered with grass. This piece of the landscape looks like waves in the sea.

The Philippines are beaches are very popular among tourists. Many people visit these beaches every year to enjoy their natural beauty and thrill-filled activities such as surfing, windsurfing, and swimming.

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