Top 7 Social Media Tips for B2B Marketers

Social Media Tips for B2B Marketers

Contrary to popular belief, social media marketing is necessary and important for B2B marketers as well. A recent study by Demand Gen Report states that 56% of B2B marketers now use social media as their core marketing strategy.

Also, the same report shows that 30% of these marketers believe that social media has increased their ROI. It is time that a B2B company starts incorporating social media into their marketing strategies as it can be quite beneficial for them. This is why many turn to the experts for professional Internet Marketing Service and enjoy full benefits from it for their social media peomotions.

Not sure how to do that? Well, in this article we will talk about tips that can help you start social media marketing for your B2B business

Here are the tips:

Create an editorial calendar

Social media is not just one platform; there are numerous social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and so on. A brand usually has accounts on all these three platforms as they are quite popular. It means that they have to keep track of what they are posting, when and where they are posting. Also, they have to ensure that all social media has content which is consistent with their brand and product campaign.

An editorial calendar can help you keep track of your content and how and when you are posting it. It also helps with finding the right time to post on social media for connecting with your audience.

Social media should be part of your bigger campaigns too

As a B2B marketer, you might have social media campaigns for a particular product or brand. It is a good strategy, but it is also necessary to make social media a part of your bigger campaigns too. Confused? Well, let’s look at an example. Suppose you are conducting an event, now using social media for only promoting it beforehand is not enough. To use social media to its full potential, use social media to share live videos from the event. And also, use it after the event to show images or videos to give it a long life.

Integrate social media with other key marketing systems

If you want to increase engagement for your consumers, integrate social media platforms with your other marketing systems. It will include incorporating social media counts with CMS or other software.

Quality over quantity

Most brands focus on the number of likes, views, and followers, and shares they have on social media. While their high number is important, the real value of social media is not about getting more likes. It is about getting quality likes. If you get thousands like, but you are not able to convert that into a customer, it won’t help your business.

Instead, focus on the quality of likes, shares and the engagement you get from it because they can help you convert a lead into a customer.

Track your data and work accordingly

Only having a presence on social media is not enough. You need to make sure that your social media marketing ideas are working for your brand. For that, you have to keep track of where you are posting, how you are posting, and whether your social media is working for you or not.

You don’t need to be present on all social media platforms, just the one which works for you.

Employee advocacy is crucial

When your employees advocate about your brand, it resonates more with the audience. It is a powerful form of advertising, especially because through their Facebook or Instagram accounts, they can reach more people.

It also keeps the employees engaged, helping them to do their job better.

Sponsored content and influential marketing is important

Social media is a great place to get organic traffic, but since there is so much competition, it won’t hurt to get some sponsored content out there.

When you go for sponsored content you have the option to make your content visible to the specific target audience.

It also helps to collaborate with influential people on social media to get a wide exposure

For your B2B Company, it is time to start with social media marketing. With these tips, it will become a bit easier for you to start with your social media journey.

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