Useful Tips to Follow When Buying a Used Car in New Zealand

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Buying used cars from popular markets like Japan, is a widespread practice among the people. When you connect with a used car dealer make sure that the agency’s network extends directly to Japanese manufacturers. If so then it is a good choice to get the used car exported from the country.

Here are some interesting tips when you purchase a used car in New Zealand

1. One-year-old cars are cheap than new ones

In New Zealand, cars that are just a year older get less expensive compared to the new showroom car. For instance, a car worth $31,000 at showroom price reduces its rates directly to $25,000 when the odometer displays the kilometers as 10000 to 15000. So nearly 35% is depreciated in the first year of the car, and over four years, it would cost almost half of the showroom price. Mostly, the Japanese and Korean manufacturing companies follow this rule. It applies to luxury manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche as well.

2. Cost of car insurance

The premium for your car insurance significantly depends on your car and the driving history. If you are looking forward to spending little on insurance costs, then a vehicle with cheap parts will be less expensive to insure compared to a luxury sedan. The repair costs and parts affect insurance when purchasing a Japanese car. Besides, the age and size of the vehicle play one of the crucial factors in deciding the cost of insurance.

3. Know the purpose of getting the car

Your needs must be taken into consideration rather than your want. Petrol eating 4×4 might be useful to drive on some occasions but, when you are commuting daily for hours, then the petrol costs might affect you primarily. Understand what your ultimate purpose to buy a car is. Know where you will park the vehicle. Choose whether you want petrol, diesel, or an electric vehicle. Asking yourself these questions will help you ascertain what type of second-hand carswould suit you best.

4. Understand the costs related to a new car

There are two types of fees when buying an original vehicle, upfront cost, and ongoing cost. While the upfront cost is the purchase price of the car and the current value involves everything from fuel, insurance, license, warrant of fitness (WOF), parking charges, repairs, and maintenance, etc.

To conclude

Before purchasing a used car for sale in New Zealand, know your budget, and then connect with a dealer to help in finding and buying a used car.A good dealer will also take care of safe shipment to your preferred destination port with complete paperwork.


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