Ways to Increase Your Retirement Savings

Ways to Increase Your Retirement Savings

No matter what your age, it is never too early or too late to begin saving for your retirement. You should begin saving with your first job and then add to it as your career changes for the better. You can add to your retirement even if your job doesn’t have an official retirement fund.

Many jobs today have retirement plans such as a 401(k) or IRA plan. You could even have a self-directed IRA you could add precious metals. These are also plans you could start on your own if your job doesn’t provide them.

If your job doesn’t provide a retirement plan, you will need to begin one on your own. You need to know how to open a gold IRA or any other retirement plan. They aren’t that hard if you speak to a financial advisor.

This article will give you some ideas on how you can increase your savings. It will help you to have the perfect nest egg when you retire. You can also do more research to find the information you need.

Ways to Increase Your Retirement Savings

  • Save 1% More Each Payday – A small amount each payday can add to a lot at the end of the year. If you make $50,000 per year and add an extra 1% to your savings each month, that is only another $42 out of your pocket. That adds up quickly to over $55,000 extra in about 35 years.

If you do 1% the first year, make it 2% the next year. This will double your savings for that year, and you will barely notice it. This is the best way to increase your savings without much difference to your daily life.

You can continue to increase this each year until you reach your maximum. After that, you can just add your maximum each year. You will never notice the difference.

  • Redirect Your Raise – Every time you get a raise, redirect it to your savings. Do this before you get used to having the extra money. This way, you will never miss the money and your savings will grow.

Add any extra bonuses to your savings, as well. You want to add any extra money you can so that you can live comfortably in retirement. This is what you have worked so hard for all your life.

  • Add Your Tax Refund – Whenever you have a tax refund, add it directly to your account. This is extra money that you wouldn’t normally have, so it is money you won’t miss if you add it to your account. This could add up to thousands of dollars to your account by the time you retire.

You could also add any other windfalls you might have such as monetary gifts, or benefits from stocks and bonds. If someone gifts you gold or other precious metals, you can add that to your account, as well. Add any extra money you have to your savings.

  • Add Windfalls – As was mentioned above, you can add any of your windfalls to your savings. If you get anything of value such as bonuses, prize money, or an inheritance, add it to your savings. If you add these to a 401(k) or IRA account, you won’t need to pay taxes on it until it is withdrawn after you retire.

There are other windfalls that you could add, as well. Any time that you get a few extra dollars, get used to adding it to your retirement account. Make this a habit and it will get easier for you over time.

  • Match Your 401(k) – You want to save enough money so that your employer will be able to match your 401(k). See here to learn how that works. You want to have the extra free money that your employer will provide you. If you are planning to leave a job, make sure that your 401(k) is vested so that you can take it all with you.

Most employers will automatically match your money, so ask at your job to see if they can make it happen. If they can’t, see if you could find an employer in your field that would be able to do it. It might be worth the change of employment to get the benefits of retirement fund matching.

  • Get All Your Tax Breaks – Take all the tax breaks that you can find. You don’t need to immediately pay taxes on money that is added to your IRA or 401(k). Take advantage of that and also investigate Roth accounts.

There are other tax breaks that you can take advantage of. Talk to the IRS and see what is out there for you. As always, add any tax breaks that you get to your retirement plan.

  • Find Lower Fees to Pay – You don’t want to pay unnecessary costs and fees when it comes to investing. Check fee disclosure pages whenever you invest in anything. The money that you save can be added to your retirement.
  • Don’t Get Any Penalties – If you remove any money from your retirement plans, you could face heavy penalties. Avoid this so that you will keep all your money for retirement: https://www.forbes.com/advisor/retirement/401k-early-withdrawal/. If you must remove any money, try to put it off until you are 59 ½. This way you won’t need to pay the penalties.

If you must remove money before then, find a way to replace the money plus the penalties at a later date. Emergencies happen, but you need to keep as much money in your retirement account as you can. If you must use any money prematurely, pay it back when you can.

  • Cut One Unnecessary Expense – If you are the person who must have that coffee shop coffee each morning, try cutting that out. There are other expenses that can be cut out, as well. Choose one and then put that money that you save into your savings.

You will miss your coffee at first, but you could always make one at home before you leave for work. You will save time and money and your retirement will look even better. You will grow to love the savings that you are making.

  • Have Automatic Savings – If you have your money go into your savings automatically each payday, you will never miss it. You can set up a direct deposit to your 401(k) plan and your IRA. This is the best way to put money into your retirement.

There are other savings accounts with which you could automatically save. Use these to add money to your retirement fund. You will be sitting pretty at retirement time if you do this.

Bonus: Add precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, or palladium to your self-directed IRA. This IRA is onewhich you get a bigger choice in what assets are added. Gold and silver are just a couple of things that you could add. You could also add stocks and bonds to this account.


There are many ways that you can add to your retirement savings. You can add any windfall that you have to it, including tax refunds, bonuses, and prize winnings. The more that you can add, the better off you will be at retirement time.

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