What Are GIFs?

What Are GIFs

Did you know that the first GIF was created in late 1987 by a man named Steve Wilhite?

Nowadays, a lot of people have come to rely on funny GIFs as a way to brighten up their friend’s days or reply to funny posts. But few people know exactly what a GIF is or appreciate its history.

Read on for some help with understanding the world of what are GIFs and sharing them with the world.

Exploring the Origins of GIFs

GIFs have become a ubiquitous form of digital communication; however, their origins trace far past the digital age. The visual art of image-based communication has existed since the 1800s in the form of photographic postcards.

However, the compressible animations that make up modern GIFs, were made possible in the 1980s. The first GIF was created by CompuServe, which released the gif format in 1987.

Its first use was as an advertisement on their bulletin board system and gradually evolved from there. Today, GIFs have become a staple of online communication, often used to convey emotion or humor.

Benefits of Using GIFs

GIF marketing is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to quickly convey a message without requiring much interaction from viewers. They are the perfect way to share feelings, reactions, and thoughts, as well as liven up social media posts and web pages.

Other benefits of using GIFs include:

  • Generating interest
  • Enhanced engagement
  • Self-expression
  • Visual content marketing
  • Powerful impact of social media and web browsing

By utilizing GIFs, businesses can better engage their audiences and create more effective content marketing campaigns.

How to Create Your Own GIFs

To make a GIF, you must find a suitable image or video to use as the basis for your GIF. If you are using a video, you may need to trim it to the length you want for the GIF. Secondly, you’ll need to decide on the animation speed, resolution, and color scheme.

Thirdly, you must upload the video or image and choose a GIF-making program. Many online services give GIF-making options, such as Giphy, GIFMaker, EZGIF, and more.

Finally, if you need to edit your GIF further, you can use online tools and apps to personalize it by adding effects, captions, or other elements.

Types of GIFs

GIFs can come in many forms, from standard picture animations to videos. A GIF is simply a multimedia image format that uses a series of frames to create a short animation.

There are four main types of GIFs;

  • Traditional GIFs
  • Video GIFs
  • Animated diagram GIFs
  • Cinemagraphs GIFs

With the right tool and technique, GIFs can be used to communicate complex ideas in a simple and creative way.

A Guide to Know What Are GIFs

GIFs are a great way to elevate your creative content for any platform. Getting creative with GIFs can be a lot of fun, and it can make your content stand out.

For a beginner, this marketing guide has outlined the basics of what are GIFs and how to create them. Now use your newfound knowledge to start creating!

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