What Are Top Reasons for Increasing Extramarital Affairs in India?


Extramarital affairs have become common in India. but do you know the reasons for an increase in extra-martial cases? What do you think, what could be the reason behind this? Well, there is not only one, but many. Let’s find out the top reasons for extra-marital affairs in India through this article.

Early Marriage

Many parents marry their children at an early age that results in extramarital affair investigation. In India, it is the concept in many families that their parents marry their children after completing their studies. They don’t allow their children to choose their life partner by themselves and also don’t give them space. In early marriage, a person doesn’t develop his mind completely. That’s why the state of the person changes after getting married. This is one of the top causes of extra-martial affairs.

Family Pressure

Family pressure is another major and one of the topmost reasons for extramarital affairs in IndiaIndian families mostly pressure their children for marriage at a specific date without knowing their will. In modern times, most of the population wants to marry with their own choice. But when families don’t understand and value their choice, it results in the extramarital affair of husband or wife. In such cases, a person does marry with their family’s choice but not able to accept them in their life.

Past Love

Well, this is true that past love affects the present life. If any of the people (husband/wife) wants to start their past relationship again due to any reason then it results in an extramarital affair. This may be because of a past lover approaching him/her through phone calls or messages. It is the most common reason why do people have affairs. Some people say first love can’t be forgotten, and if it is true then it may ruin your present. So, the reason for your husband/wife for having an extra martial affair could be the entry of their ex-partners. It is an emotional factor and when it happens, the person loses his senses and gets emotional which results in this activity.

Different Priorities

Few persons give priority to others than their family. It could be anything like a best friend, professional life, career, etc. In cases where women are professional, independent and passionate about their work, men start feeling low. These men start feeling less important and then they get attracted to other women even who gave them a little bit of importance. However, this is not a big issue but things can be better only when they talk about it.


Long distance relationships are hardly maintained. There are situations when the husband’s job’s location changes due to transfer, promotion, or due to any other reason. It makes husband and wife separate for a longer period as they can’t meet daily. This situation sometimes makes them feel lonely and their attraction towards other men/women gets stronger. When this is the case, it results in extra martial affairs of any one of them or both of them.

Need change

Some men or women do not have a conscience. These people cheat on their partner just because they feel their life is getting bored and they should have some fun by indulging in these activities. This case mostly happens when the wife or husband is not serious towards their partner. So, they don’t have any right answer to why extramarital affairs happenThey just want to spice their life up.

Sexual Desires

As India doesn’t have a culture of live-in relationships, many people find their partners not sexually compatible after getting married. So, when they aren’t able to fulfill their sexual desires, they find other partners outside. It results in extra-marital affair and they according to them they are doing right for their life.

Lack of understanding

Some Indian families don’t allow their children to meet their engaged partners just because they don’t feel it right. This way, the children fail to understand their partner completely, their likes and dislikes, their natural behavior, and many other things that should be noted before marriage. It results in after-marriage disputes due to a lack of understanding. When disputes increase on daily basis, they began to dislike each other and start finding love outside.

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