What Causes Your Heater to Leak Water?


We all know that during the unforgiving days and nights of the winter season, a dependable heating system is a must to keep everyone warm and comfortable. If you notice the presence of water in your furnace, it is something that you must act right away. Leaky heater is one of the issues of an HVAC system.

Read this article and find out why your heating system is leaking.

Condensation Leak

Since most heating systems these days are running at high efficiency with a high AFUE rating. It is more likely that they have two heat exchangers that help in producing more heat, causing your furnace to condensate.

Usually, condensation leak happens due to two factors, such as clogged/damaged tubing or clogged floor drain.

Once one of the tubing gets clogged or damaged, a leak would surely start. If it’s not the tubing then it can be the floor drain itself. You have to remember that condensation only happens to high-efficiency furnaces and not the standard ones.

To determine if your furnace is a standard-efficiency one, you may need to check the exhaust pipe. A standard furnace has a metal exhaust pipe, and they should not condensate.

Seek help from an expert if this problem persists.

Malfunctioning Secondary Heat Exchanger

The secondary heat exchanger is another culprit that causes your heater to leak water. If this is the main cause of the problem, it may require a costly heating repair in Spokane Valley, WA or even a complete furnace replacement.

In general, furnaces with at least 90% efficiency rate has primary and secondary heat exchanger. Traditionally, when the combustion exhaust departs from the primary heat exchanger, it will then move to the secondary heat exchanger. This is when more heat will be released, causing water vapors.

When it fails, it will produce excess heat and moisture, thus causing the heating system to leak water.

Broken Humidifier 

If it is not due to condensation leak or secondary heat exchanger issues, then it could be due to a broken humidifier. Leaking humidifiers should not be ignored as this can cause more serious issues if left untreated.

This could cause bigger problems such as damages to your unit, walls, flooring or could even cause the growth of mold and mildew. Your reliable HVAC professional will be able to determine if a leaking humidifier is the root cause of the problem.

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