What does ‘sussy baka’ mean and why does all people on TikTok say it?

sussy baka

You will probable have stumble upon a odd word in lots of feedback sections and motion pictures withinside the remaining month or so on TikTok – and that word is “sussy baka”. Whilst human beings are set on growing a completely new language from net slang, that is very surely going to be one of these terms which you start off the use of due to the fact it’s so ridiculous, however eventually, begin the use of to your daily language unironically. And that’s okay.

But till that takes place it likely excellent to recognize what the word means. So, wherein did sussy baka come from? What does it genuinely imply? Is it a specific language altogether? And what does it ought to do with Among Us? Here’s the entirety you want to realize approximately the word “sussy baka”.

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What does sussy baka mean?

So, a person has referred to as you the sussiest of bakas on-line and also you need to realize precisely what they imply earlier than you retort with some thing similarly damaging. Well, it’s a odd one.

Sussy” and “sus” are phrases used withinside the videogame Among Us to explain a person shifty or suspicious, even as baka means “fool” in Japanese. So to be a sussy baka is to be a suspicious fool, presumably – even though it seems that the meme has taken this which means and ran with it a little.

The word became popularised with the aid of using TikToker Akeam Francis after he made some of motion pictures, first off along with the term “baka” and then “sussy baka” as above – and the audio took off:

From right here the word have become a meme in its personal proper that’s why you’ve visible it throughout TikTok (and likely each different social media platform).

And that honestly is it. Prepare your self to be pronouncing it as a minimum 5 instances a day. Seriously.

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