What Is So Unique About Pocket Spring Mattress?

What Is So Unique About Pocket Spring Mattress

Mattresses come in different sizes, shapes and firmness levels. What makes it most unique is when it matches your specific need and comfort. However, what if we told you there was a mattress type that stood out for its features open to match every type of sleeper, no matter what your specifications? The concept and mechanism of Pocket spring were first invented in 1899 and ever since they have been extensively used in mattresses to offer support to your body needs, no matter what the sleep position or weight of the sleeper. If you are in search of the best mattress online among the many, read on to know more about pocket spring mattresses that could be a unique fit in your sleep routine.

What is a Pocket Spring Mattress?

It is easy to picture a pocket spring mattress. As the name suggests, a pocket spring mattress contains hundreds of individual tempered springs that are stitched into their own pocket of fabric. These individual pockets are further stitched or glued together to create a chain of individual pocket springs connected together across.

Layers of padding on top of this spring system add comfort and additional support to the user and are most recommended. Because these pocket springs act as individual units, when applying pressure on them, the movement is limited to a specific area on the mattress. This makes the mattress a silent treat for couples or co-sleepers who do not like to be rolled around in bed. Find best deals on these mattresses on iSense Sleep.

The mechanism behind this type of mattress works best for a sleeper as it enables their body to be supported independently by each pocket. For example, if you are a side sleeper, the springs under your hips and shoulders move and adapt to your body in comparison to the lighter parts of your body like your legs where the springs will not. Each spring moves according to your body support requirement and therefore keeps the spine aligned while you sleep. A minimum of 1000- 1500 springs is recommended for a king-size mattress to hold up the sleeper no matter what sleep position claimed as the springs respond with a positive firmness. However, the more the springs- the better the support! Pocket spring mattresses are made from different materials like foam and latex

Benefits of a Pocket Spring Mattress

The benefits of using a pocket spring mattress are many, read on to understand the major benefits:

  • No motion transfer: The number one benefit of pocket spring mattresses is that each pocket spring reacts independent, promoting a good night sleep with zero disturbances. Picture your partner elbowing into bed at an odd hour, the last thing you want is for you to sink in with that elbow pressure and awaken from a deep sleep. Unlike other mattresses, pocket spring mattresses allow for each spring to respond on its own rather than distributing weight across the surface.
  • Firm: The level of firmness or tension is very consistent across the surface of a pocket spring mattress owing to the individual encased springs. This allows for a consistent level of firmness across the mattress.
  • One type for all size: These mattresses are perfect for couples who are notably different in size and weight. The pocket springs allow each of you to experience variable levels of comfort on the same bed. This is owing to the pocket springs adjusting to the sleeper’s body weight.
  • Durable: With the right care and maintenance, pocket spring mattresses can last up to a decade.

Who can Benefit from Pocket Spring Mattresses?

Anyone! It’s the synchronizing of springs under the layer of material on top that offers support to pressure points. So, anyone who loves a good night sleep with minimal disturbance from tosses and turns can enjoy a pocket spring mattress. However, it is most suited for overweight stomach or side sleepers who not only need lumbar support but need a durable mattress that doesn’t sink or sag as they delve into a deep sleep.

Traditional Pocket Spring vs. a Unique Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses have been around for many years and have time and again proven to be one of the most trustworthy mattresses in terms of support and comfort. However, these too have challenges. For one, they are very heavy and unfriendly to move around. Many manufacturers also layer the spring system with materials like wool on the pretext of comfort. On contrary, these can attract dust mites, making it the number one allergy trigger and hard to clean.

Instead, if you want to experience the traditional pocket spring responsive feel and truly gain value for a pocket spring mattress price paid, it is worth checking out a unique proposition that reputable mattress manufacturers like Wakefit have adopted. Their base design replicates that of pocket spring mattresses through the use of a bouncy foam that gives you the bounce of springs but with no sounds attached!

The reason for this innovation can be narrowed down to the following:

  1. Breathability: In traditional pocket spring mattresses, airflow can be blocked by the cluster of individual springs or coils. An innovative all foam-based spring mattress is designed to enable free air flow while reducing heat build-up too.
  2. No sounds: Springs over time make a creaking sound that can be disturbing for the sleeper and partner. With no actual springs or coils in a foam spring mattress, there is the same bouncy feel and support, without any creaks, no matter how many years you use it.
  3. Good impressions only: Foam spring mattresses are made with robust layers of durable foam that are not prone to wear and tear like springs and coils or sags and sinks like in traditional spring mattresses. Instead, all body impressions on the bed immediately bounce back retaining shape. Have good impressions always!

Mattresses are like fingerprints. They are absolutely unique to the user’s requirements and cannot have a formula of one size fits all. It is important to select one that is bespoke to your sleep patterns, body weight, health conditions and lifestyle. Choose your mattress after researching well.

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