What to Look for In HR Software for Your Small Business


For small business owners, technology and software can transform the way it conducts business. The goal of these tools is to streamline the process, allow the business to be more efficient and productive and eliminate the chances of errors. If you’re a small business owner who wants to improve efficiency in your HR department there is no better solution than investing in dedicated HR software. The results will be immediate and, once installed, you’ll wonder how the company survived without the software. As you shop around for the ideal HR software, here are a few things you may want to look for.

Is It Versatile – Does It Support All Types of Employees?

This first question may or may not be relevant to the company, but for many, the software needs to be versatile in that it supports all types of employees. This means full and part-time, interns, freelancers, and contractors. The landscape of each business is unique, and the software needs to be able to work for each company’s needs.

Who Can Use the Software?

Here’s an interesting question that you may not have thought of. While it’s clear the HR department will be using all the tools, some software also offers ways in which employees can use it and interact. For example, maybe they can sync details such as their payroll and benefits. The more tools employees can use and the more steps they can complete, the more time that frees up for HR staff.

Is the Software Customizable?

Another important question is to look into whether the HR software is customizable. If so, what features can you alter and personalize? Customization tools mean you get a more targeted solution that many businesses welcome.

What Kind of Managing Tools and Features Are Available?

The role of the HR department is much more than just hiring and firing staff; there are so many other tasks. Take a look at the software and check for management tools. These could be directories, charts, data collection and so forth. It’s the difference between basic entry-level software and an all-in-one solution that can grow with the company.

Can the Software Integrate with Other Tools?

If your company already uses a platform for things such as payroll, benefits and so forth, you want to know the HR software will sync in a simple and automated manner. This particular tip is so important that it should be a deal-breaker.

What About the Exit Process?

The exit process isn’t as exciting as the hiring process, but it’s still a part of operating a business. Did you know that HR software can also help in this regard? You want the exit to be seamless, simple, quick and, most of all, compliant with all rules and regulations.

Software That Meets Your Company’s Needs

By keeping these tips and considerations in mind as you search for the perfect HR software, it will indeed make the process faster and smoother. There’s nothing wrong with being picky since you want to ensure the software provides the company with plenty of benefits.

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