Who is Corpse Husband and has he proven his face?

Corpse Husband

Who is Corpse Husband?

Corpse Husband (@corpse_husband on TikTok) is a 25-year-vintage net star, regularly stylised as CORPSE. Despite his outstanding fanbase, he has selected to stay nameless at some point of his on-line career.

He kickstarted his YouTube channel in 2015, in which he published genuine horror stories.

During an interview with Anthony Padilla in 2020, he stated he wanted he ought to display his identification to expose the human beings he knew whilst he became younger.

“I dropped out of faculty at 12 and my instructors all stated I could be not anything and all my pals idea I became a drug provider and all people thinks I simply dropped off the face of the planet and simply like, died,” he advised Padilla.

“I would really like to inform them approximately it a bit, specially the instructors. It could be hilarious to be on just like the incredible listing on Wikipedia for the faculty I dropped out of. Where all of them roasted the sh** out of me each day.”

Corpse expressed how he became greatly surprised at his personal success, saying: “I actually do not know how I’ve made it this far.”

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Why would not Corpse Husband display his face?

Corpse is but to expose his identification, which he stated is right all the way down to dealing with anxiety.

“I even have like, very terrible anxiety,” he advised Padilla, adding: “I by no means depart my house.”

“I had like different problems prior, however it truly made it greater logical in my head, regardless of being irrational.”

When requested whether or not he could ever do not forget revealing his face, he stated it became very unlikely.

“There isn’t a unmarried image of me earlier than YouTube of my complete face. I did not publish snap shots of myself,” he stated.

“I’ve left the door closed for goodbye that there may be now no longer slow buildup. It’s now no longer having 50k and now I’ll get observed out of doors sometimes.

“It’s starting the door and having all of the buildup from hundreds of thousands of human beings now all at once. So it might be a dramatic existence change.”

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