Why Providing an Office Background Will Make You a Great Remote Manager

Why Providing an Office Background Will Make You a Great Remote Manager

Telecommuting offers several benefits for organizations and workers. Harnessing its capabilities is essential to its continued success. Flexible and robust tools promote productivity while helping remote workers stay connected. However, there’s one feature you may have overlooked: Zoom office backgrounds. It’s worth exploring the benefits they offer your virtual team.

Sense of Unity

How can a simple virtual office background achieve such powerful impacts? Let’s consider how branding works. Successful branding establishes your company’s identity, trust, and credibility. While you want to accomplish these objectives with your customers, they also matter to your colleagues. 

Remote teams face challenges feeling connected due to a lack of physical proximity. Why not use branding power in virtual spaces? A virtual office background lets you prominently display your organization’s logo. Modern minimalist designs are excellent for customization. You can choose from several styles:

  • Modern office workspaces
  • Conference room
  • Minimalist rooms
  • Lounges or lobbies
  • Panoramic office spaces

Consider elements like bookshelves, couches, desks, and window views when choosing your backgrounds. These all integrate unique style elements that complement the atmosphere you want to create in your virtual team meetings. Images incorporating your logo promote a shared office atmosphere for your team. Creating this mood can encourage better connectedness, structure, and focus. 

Easy Ways To Encourage Cameras To Stay On

Virtual backgrounds also hide visual distractions in home office spaces. Portrait segmentation is an advanced technology that distinguishes people from their surroundings. It analyzes your video feed and segments your image from the background. While it keeps your image in the video feed, it allows you to replace your surroundings with other graphics.

Nearly all videoconferencing platforms offer virtual background features. Some people use nature photos, artwork, or fictional scenes as videoconference backgrounds. While these are all unique options, they don’t offer branding opportunities like logo-customized backgrounds. Also, some graphics don’t employ sound aesthetics. Finally, they may not help promote a professional environment in your virtual meetings.

Using a custom Zoom background gives you a clean look without visual distractions. They’re better alternatives to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Hundred-Acre Wood, or the USS Enterprise 1701-D bridge. They remove the temptation to stare at eye-catching images, encouraging the environment, focus, productivity, and collaborative spirit you want.

While fun backgrounds can be distracting, not using one may also have less-than-optimal effects. If you’re fortunate, you’ve never had a family member accidentally interrupt a video meeting. Your kitty may be cute, but you don’t need them loafing on your laptop keyboard and purring at full volume while on a call. When your toddler comes in and asks for storytime, you can’t interrupt your meeting agenda. It’s easy to feel embarrassed by a cluttered office, hampering your focus and clarity. Virtual backgrounds solve these and other typical challenges of working from home. 

Attractive, Professional, and User-Friendly

Customized virtual meeting backgrounds offer many benefits. Besides promoting a professional atmosphere for focus, productivity, and collaboration, they also reduce visual distractions. They also help remote workers hide unsightly clutter and disruptions in their home office environments.

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