Why Should You Apply For Government Jobs In India During The COVID 19 Pandemic?

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the economy of our country and the world is facing a huge turmoil. The impact can be seen in the form of layoffs and pay cuts in the private sector. The chances of promotions and pay hikes are doomed for the private workforce while job security has also gone haywire. To stand strong in these challenging times, secured government jobs like SBI PO look to be a lucrative option and here’s why!


With a staggering economy and slow business, a lot of private firms are shutting down overnight. The employees of such firms are left unemployed without any prior notice. This is not the case with government firms like banks and PSUs. Even if a department is shut, the employees are absorbed in a different department, but never laid off. Hence, preparing for banking exams like SBI PO and other government exams is a great idea.

Benefits and Perks

Government jobs generally have well-defined working hours while in the private sector, the working hours seem to know no limits. It has been observed that during the lockdown, the private sector employees are logging in more hours and usual. These extra working hours are neither paid nor compensated in any way while if a government employee is made to work beyond designated hours, he/she is rewarded with compensation and other benefits for the same.

During the current economic crisis, promotions and increments in private firms have been frozen. In addition to this, senior associates have been asked to take a pay cut as well. In contrast, government employees have suffered significantly less in terms of pay hikes and promotions. The due hikes are being disbursed with only a few cuts in arrears.

There are other benefits offered in government jobs like earned leaves, child education reimbursement, health insurance cover, holidays, provident fund and retiral benefits. These may or may not be offered in a private-sector job.

Additional Benefits for Women

The benefit given to women in a government job is more than those in private jobs. In the private sector, the policy is entirely dependent on the company and can change at any point in time. A lot of times, it is observed that women returning to work after delivery are demoted or forced to leave the organization.

While in the government sector, women get up to 180 days of paid maternity leaves along with up to 730 days of child care leave per child. Along with this monetary support for the child, education is also provided to working mothers in government offices.

Uncertainty in higher education options: All those who had planned to go for abroad education, for them the delays in admission and risks regarding future placements have played a spoilsport. Most of the countries have denied visas to incoming batches and we do not know when things would be back to normal. While nobody can predict how things are going to shape up, the investment risk involved with expensive higher education is a big matter of concern. Courses like MBA involve a lot of peer interaction and learning along with practical onsite internships and collaborative projects. Hence, there are a lot of questions regarding how effective the online mode of courses offered by universities would be. In such a scenario, it is better to prepare and go for a stable and lucrative government job within the country.

Common Syllabus and pattern: Almost all government examinations have gone on online mode. If you glance through the SBI PO syllabus, and that of other banking examinations, you would be happy to know that it is similar for all majorly including basic quantitative aptitude, English, logical reasoning and general awareness. Hence, you need not focus on different subjects and topics for different exams. One preparation effort and strategy would work fine for all the exams of the same category with only minor changes in marking scheme, eligibility and stages.

Alternative to delayed or cancelled placement offer: With most of the final year exams and results delayed, lockdown is the best time to start preparing for government examination in the near future. With placement offers withdrawn by companies, government jobs can be a safer option to give a boost to your career. A lot of companies are refraining from providing permanent employment and are going or freelance contact-based hiring which is not a very safe option and would not add much value to your resume. The market scenario is such that the companies hiring would not offer packages and benefits the same as those offered during the normal scenario. Hence, you can utilise the time in hand to prepare for a better career option.

Hence, invest in yourself now, prepare for government jobs and secure a safe and coveted career for tomorrow.

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