Beluga Caviar


Beluga Caviar is a very tasty delicacy that is enjoyed all over the world by a lot of people. The caviar only comes from one type of fish in the world – the sturgeon. The caviar has a unique taste and texture like no other with a fantastic flavour in every bite.

There are only a few list of delicacies that are associated with luxury, although a lot of people have not been given the opportunity to have a taste of what it feels like. Though many people think that the caviar is one of the most expensive foods in the world but if you do a little bit of research about this delicacy, you will understand why it has to be expensive and that it is really worth the price.

Caviars was once a food only reserved for kings. But now, everyone is able to afford it. The beluga caviar is actually one of the best caviars on the planet and it is usually prepared from the beluga sturgeon fish whose natural habitat is the Caspian Sea, the Black sea and the Adriatic seas. Two thousand pounds of caviar can be gotten by fishermen at a single time spent fishing. But despite this, the caviar still remains one of the most expensive delicacies in the world and it is also still cherished by a lot of people.

Before the beluga caviar trend, the gold caviar used to be considered as the greatest caviar in the world. This caviar still exists today but it is gradually going into extinction and they are no longer being fished for the way they used to. After the gold caviar, the beluga sturgeon became the next most preferred option for a few years. Fishermen have also driven these set of sturgeon to extinction, though not as close to the way it happened to the gold caviar. Due to the lower population of these fishes, there had been some restrictions on the capture and buy caviar.

One of the least expensive places to buy the beluga caviar is in Kazakhstan – one of the places that they are harvested in. you can able to get a beluga caviar for about $250, and this will be with the same quantity and quality as those ones sold in the United States. These type of caviars can be easily gotten by foreigners who travel to Kazakhstan, and it happens to be much more difficult to buy Kazakhstan caviar online because the price will be so high. They know how much people are willing to normally pay for these caviars and if you cannot go their country to buy them in person, then they’ll have to make you pay like every other person just to get them – you can’t really blame them.

It is pretty obvious that it can be really difficult to get your hands on some fresh beluga caviar, but it is surely not impossible. Though the price seem to be usually high, you can be sure to get what you pay for. There is a very good reason for this huge price and I can promise you that the price is worth the exquisite taste. If it wasn’t that good, it wouldn’t have only been served to kings in the first place. The exquisite taste of this particular caviar is so good that you can remember the ways it tastes even after a long time.

A little advice for anyone out there who wants to buy any type of caviar: when you want to buy any type of caviar, It is important to note that the best types of caviar comes in a mother of pearl utensils and the reason for this is because metal utensils tend to alter the taste of the caviars and therefore caviars with metal utensils are not always the best. As funny as it may sound, it will more preferable to make use of a plastic spoon if you do not have any mother of pearl utensils.

A little tip on how to enjoy the beluga caviar: No matter where you find yourself, it can be strongly agreed that the caviar is a true delicacy of its kind and also something that everyone should be given the chance to experience. Not only is it a very delicious treat, but it is also a good source of vitamin and vital minerals for your body which makes it as healthy as it happens to be divine. Like it has been stated above, if you are trying out a caviar for the first time, it is highly recommended that you make use of a mother-of-pearl spoon. Using a metallic spoon can end up making the caviar have some metallic flavours.

You can also decide to add some chives, lemon, onion or sour cream to complement the natural flavour of the caviar. Remember you paid well for this meal, so make sure you enjoy it as you should.

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