Communication Is Key: How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy And Strong 

Communication Is Key: How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy And Strong 

Just like a moving vehicle with different parts, every relationship depends on different factors to keep it going, healthy, and strong.  From mutual respect to selflessness, trust, intimacy, and much more.

But one of the vital factors that keep every relationship healthy and strong is communication. Communication is key.

In fact, studies have shown that poor communication in relationships is responsible for 67.5% of divorces.

However, today we are going to help you:

  • Understand what real communication in a relationship is, 
  • Identify signals of poor communication in a relationship,
  • And strategies for improving and maintaining communication in your relationship.

So while in this spirit of love, let’s dive in.

Understanding Communication In Relationships

Real communication in a relationship is all about partners talking with each other about just about anything. And it goes beyond asking yourselves “how are you today?”.

It’s all about sharing your thoughts, feelings of fear, hope, happiness, sadness, and personal experiences. You’re willing to become vulnerable with each other because you believe that you support and love yourselves no matter what.

This act fosters trust, helps resolve conflict, and increases intimacy.

How To Identify Communication Issues In A Relationship 

Here are some subtle signs that scream poor communication in a relationship:

  • When you always assume what your partner is thinking instead of asking
  • When you keep avoiding questions and being defensive when asked one
  • When you’re constantly blaming each other 
  • When you’re being talkative and not willing to listen to yourselves
  • When you keep each other silent and everyone is doing their own thing.
  • When you are afraid of being vulnerable with your partner
  • When you can’t amicably solve a problem without getting into conflicts

Tips For Maintaining a Healthy and Strong Communication In Relationships 

Here are some tips that will help you break down communication barriers and build strong communication habits in your relationship:

Listen more; speak less

Listening more than you speak is a powerful communication skill, and more effective than talking. 

It helps you gain more understanding of their points and feelings, while you prepare the right answer for the conversation.

Communicate face to face more than you chat, phone call, or email.

When it comes to relationships, face-to-face communication has been proven to build stronger bonds than remote chats.

When you chat face-to-face with your partner, you’ll be able to pick non-verbal clues like their body language. 

Use the “I” word more often to help your partner understand how you feel

Sometimes you just want to vent your feelings because you believe your partner will support you and advise or encourage you. 

Using the “I” word will help share your feelings better. This single word is very important while communicating in a relationship, as it makes partners more vulnerable to each other, strengthening their bond further.

Be willing to explore your partners wants and desires

For many couples breakdowns in communication occur when as a couple each member isn’t able to be open and allow their partner to communicate their wants and desires. From conversations about careers, how they would like to live their relationships or even sex, blocking communication can lead to toxic habits. Alexa who runs the specialist dildo store Just Dildos, says that often couples shutting down these conversations lead to resentment and not being open to listen to their partner’s needs. This leads to a cycle of retaliatory denial of understanding and fulfilling their partner’s desires. Instead by being open to listening to your partner you are more likely to have that reciprocated and be able to point to positive examples than negatives of considering your partner. 

Never criticise your partner

A relationship where partners constantly criticise themselves is toxic.

Instead of criticising your partner, try to empathise with them, see things from their point of view, and respond with love and understanding. 

Regularly check in with each other throughout the day

Regularly checking on your partner is a way of showing how much you care for them.

Also, it gives you the opportunity to share in their bad and good days, which is key for building a strong and healthy relationship.


Nothing should take the place of good communication in relationships. This will solve a lot of marriage problems and reduce the likelihood of a divorce.

After all, you fell in love after communicating, so you have to keep the relationship healthy and strong with communication.

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