Thinking of Your Next Destination? Here Are 7 Reasons Why It Should Be Birmingham!


Traveling is one of the greatest ways in which you can spend your time. Nothing beats discovering new places and meeting people that can make you have a better and deeper understanding of the world around you. It’s always nice to travel, but there are some decisions that you can make that can help you see life from a whole different perspective. One of those decisions is going to destinations that aren’t everyone’s first choice.

Paris, London, Rome, Prague, or Vienna will always be “mainstream” options when it comes to visiting big cities, but this world has so much more to offer. If you want to choose your next travel destination, Birmingham has a very tiny chance of being the first city that comes to mind. However, this very diverse city located in the heart of England has plenty to offer for travelers who are always looking for memorable experiences.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and it’s one of the richest areas in this country when it comes to history and cultural heritage. The last few years have brought to light a thriving arts scene and some very spectacular culinary delights that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else. Regardless of your preferences, demands from a destination, and regardless of your experience in traveling, Birmingham will have something to surprise you with.

Here are 7 reasons why we believe that Birmingham should be at the top of your travel list:

1. History. Birmingham is a city that played an essential role in Britain’s history, thanks to its status as an industrial powerhouse. That made the Industrial Revolution possible and the importance of that period can still be remembered by visiting historical landmarks in the city.

You can pay a visit to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Birmingham Back to Backs, and also the Aston Hall. These experiences will help you understand better what the city meant and still means for the UK and why it still holds such great importance for the country.

2. Cultural Background. They say that there’s no place like Birmingham when it comes to the mixture of cultures and ethnicities. It’s not all about diversity, but also about the harmony in which people from different backgrounds live. This is what makes it a vibrant cultural hub that can be explored and enjoyed by any tourist.

You can explore neighborhoods such as the Jewellery Quarter and Digbeth, where you can find art galleries, great pieces of street art, and a plethora of creative people showing off their talents and skills.

If you are lucky or inspired enough, you can travel to Birmingham during the annual Birmingham International Jazz Festival, where you can listen to famous musicians from all around the globe.

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4. Museums and Galleries. Birmingham offers a multitude of opportunities to those who are passionate about art and history. You can visit the Birmingham Musem and Art Gallery, The Thinktank Science Museum, or the Birmingham Back to Backs.

The Birmingham Back to Backs is a very unique place, as it offers you the possibility to make a trip through the city’s working-class history and understand better what created the context for the city to become one of the most important in the UK.

5. Sporting Heritage. Birmingham is a great destination for football fans, as it’s home to two historical clubs in the UK, Aston Villa and Birmingham City FC. Aston Villa is one of the most prestigious football clubs in the country, while Birmingham City FC is a very popular club locally.

A pro tip would be to take into account the fact that Birmingham City FC plays in the Championship, while Aston Villa FC is part of the Premier League. Therefore, it’s much easier to go to a Birmingham City FC game, as tickets are more likely to be available and even at a decent price.

6. Fantastic Gastronomy. If you are a food lover or you just like to experience new foods while traveling, you are in for a fantastic experience in Birmingham. The city offers a very wide range of culinary delights. You can try Michelin-starred restaurants if you are a connoisseur, but there’s also a great range of street food markets to go to and have a meal at.

Locals recommend you explore the Balti Triangle, where you can try the famous Birmingham Balti or the Brummie. You can also try the Caribbean flavors, the savory ducks, or the Groaty Pudding. Regardless of your choice, the mixture of flavors will conquer you from the first bite!

7. Shopping Centres. If you like to spice up your travels with a bit of shopping, Birmingham can easily become your paradise. The Bullring Shopping Centre hosts more than 200 stores, from international chains to local high-end luxury stores, crafted by local artisans. Another nice option would be to explore the stores in the Jewellery Quarter.

Located in the center of England, Birmingham is a city that’s well-connected to the rest of the country. This makes it very accessible and you can even include it in a larger tour if you plan on visiting other cities in the UK too.

Birmingham offers an impressive mixture of culture, history, sporting heritage, and culinary products that will surprise you and make you want to come back. In conclusion, when planning your next trip, make sure to consider Birmingham as your destination!

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