Expat Life in Paris: What Property Types Can You Expect to be Able to Rent?

Expat Life in Paris

No matter where you live in the world, you need a place to call home. This same principle applies to Paris as well. Millions of expats call this quintessential European city home with the length of their stay ranging from a few months to a few years and some even staying permanently.

Looking for accommodations is always going to come with a few challenges but if you know what you’re looking for, and you’re familiar with some of the suburbs in Paris, you can find yourself a marvelous place to rent. Paris has something for everyone so we’ll consider some of the pros and cons when looking at the most common property types for those looking at renting in the city.

What Type of Accommodation Are You Looking For?

Before you start looking for a place to live in Paris, it helps if you know what you are looking for. Here are some accommodation types to consider:


As with most cities in Europe, the most common type of housing you will find in Paris is an apartment. The choices are almost endless and you can narrow down your search for an apartment by choosing the number of bedrooms, furnished or unfurnished as well as the availability of amenities such as appliances, elevator access and other options.

The types of apartments can include:

An entire apartment – This type of lodging is the most common and generally includes more than one bedroom, separate living and dining areas, one or two bathrooms and possibly a balcony. These are popular with families and working professionals. What you’ll love is that these apartments offer lots of comfort and space. On the downside, many entire apartments are housed in older Parisian buildings that may not have an elevator. If it’s an apartment on a higher floor, the novelty of walking up several flights of stairs will wear off very quickly. The other downside is that these apartments tend to be quite expensive, especially if they are located close to the city center.

Studio apartment – If you’re a single person or a couple, a studio apartment can be a great place to live. While they are somewhat smaller than other apartments, they have everything you need all nicely arranged in a compact space. Studio apartments tend to cost less in rent than entire apartments but they can be awkward for those who like to entertain. In most cases, the bed is in the same area as the living area and kitchen so be prepared to have people deciding to get comfortable on your bed. The other downside is that there is no escape from people, sights and smells in the rest of the apartment.


Nothing is more comfortable for living than a house. There are clearly designated areas for sleeping with multiple bedrooms and, quite often, two or more bathrooms. Living, dining and kitchen areas also make everyday life quite enjoyable. Most houses also have yards and even if they are small, having a private garden to enjoy warm days is always going to be desirable. However, renting houses anywhere can be very expensive and they are generally not available anywhere near the city center. This means you will have all the comforts of home but you may be faced with a long daily commute if you work close to the center of Paris.

Other Accommodation Options

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider renting a private room in an apartment or a house. This is ideal for students or those who have just moved to Paris. You get the comfort and privacy of your own space but you may need to share the kitchen and a bathroom. A similar option may be shared accommodation. Get a few friends together or look at online rental sites to see if there is any availability. Some people rent entire apartments with the intention of sub-letting some of the spaces. While these options are cheaper, you may decide you don’t like sharing spaces with and if you’ve signed up for a long lease, you may find it difficult to move out if you find your living conditions unbearable.

There are many different types of accommodations available in a city such as Paris so it shouldn’t take you long to find a place to call home. If you’re not sure where you’d like to settle in the grand city of Paris, there are some options you can consider. Apart from the types of housing, you can look into, you can also choose short-, medium- or long-term accommodation. If you can avoid rushing into a rental agreement, it’s definitely worthwhile to browse the different types of accommodation as well as the suburbs in Paris you may want to live in.

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