Hazelnut hair color trends – What’s Hot this Season?

Hazelnut hair color trends

As the landscape turns orange with the autumn onset, a flurry of warm earthly shades adds to our list. It’s time to revamp your hair color to keep up with the moody vibrance of the changing aesthetics. Trends come and go, but a few add to the seasonal luster. From metallic brunettes to fiery reds to minimalistic blondes, we take our hottest pick for the season – Hazelnut hair color, the reigning choice.

With the transition from summer to fall, hazelnut hair dye adds a dash of warmth to the shades of blonde and brunette. You are in the right place if you are looking for some delicious hazelnut inspiration. Let’s dive right into talking about the color and the trends.

What is Hazelnut Hair Color?

It’s undoubtedly the sweetest warm brown shade and blends perfectly with earthly tones. Just like the softs of the hazelnut, the color is a mellow mix of medium brown with subtle hints of golden and yellow undertones, teamed with a touch of red.

It’s the perfect shade to enhance the color of your hair and brighten the blondes without ripping off the natural color. The nutty color is ideal for people with dark brown hair, as it adds depth and color to the locks. Not as golden as caramel nor as reddish as chestnut brown, hazelnut is the mildest in-between shade that’s perfect for everyone.

Best Hazelnut Hair Color Ideas to Try 

If you want inspiration, here are a few super trendy and fresh hair color ideas. Get some eyes rolling!

Glossy hazelnut 

Rich and glossy hair with golden highlights throughout brunette hair shade – you are all fall-ready. The shades make up for the sparse sunlight from autumn through fall, yet leaving your hair looking at its healthiest. Getting this color is easy – just be careful not to overdo the gold or copper tones. Add gentle golden highlights to brunette hair to bring out the best hazelnut color.

Hazelnut mocha ombre 

The 5nn hair color evokes a rich sensory experience as the warm ombre blends beautifully with your natural or pre-colored hair. Hazelnut ombre on black, brown, or brunette tones creates a graduated effect. Mocha shade leaves a deep chocolatey-brown color that perfectly complements dark brown hair. If you wish to add warmth and light to your brown tresses, ombre or highlights in hazelnut mocha are perfect.

Hazelnut blonde hair color

Don’t let your blondes get boring when it can be all fun and flirty with shades of golden blonde hair color in balayage, ombre, or highlights. Hazelnut blonde is flattering for all skin tones, balancing light and dark hues. It’s a classic tone that adds a touch-up to your blondes and gives a slightly sun-washed impression.

Deep hazelnut hair color 

A little lighter than dark brown, the shade embraces the gorgeous locks and waves in its flattering hues. As a deeper hazelnut variant, it brightens the dark hair tones and leaves a hint of orange and red under sunlight. The warm tone is the best match if you have naturally dark waves. Channel your inner goddess with hazelnut balayage on wavy hair.

Toasted hazelnut hair color 

Warm blondes of brown and blonde work in harmony with the toasted hazelnut dye shade. The subtle notes of ash give the hazelnut shade its much-needed toasted look. From curls to straight hair, the shade looks natural and works on different skin tones. Be ready to feel the cinnamon hues painting your strands with toasted hazelnut highlights or balayage.

Caramel hazelnut hair color 

It is two for tango – the delicious mix of caramel and hazelnut. If warm and nutty is your vibe for the season, let your tresses flow with golden to rich chocolatey hues. A lighter shade with golden undertones is best for a fair-skinned person. However, warmer hues with a brown undertone look fabulous on olive skin. Deep caramel is your flavor if you have darker skin.

Hazelnut pink ombre

A fusion of hazelnut brown with pink is trendy, upbeat, and your cue to jump for the ultimate transformation. Hazelnut pink is one of the hottest trends – the rustic shades of the earth with romantic flutters of pink is your answer to embracing a change. As pink dye creates a graduated effect on the ends, the brown or golden hazelnut shines through it.

Wrapping up

Hazelnut is the season’s heartthrob with a soft palette for your mane. From light to darker tones, we got plethora of hair color inspiration. Turn your mundane mane into glorious locks as the glossy shades of hazelnut sit as highlight, ombre, or balayage. Pick a color that suits you, and give it a try. Subtle but soft – the change awaits you!

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