How to find a local groups of friends for hang out and activity?

How to find a local groups of friends for hang out and activity

In order to have a fun and interesting time, the digital world may not be enough. You can find a real company in order to share impressions and emotions – because it can be more exciting and interesting. If you don’t have friends with the same interests as you, the virtual world can come to the rescue. One of the easiest options for finding friends for real communication can be the Initway platform page – a cool new social network for finding a company, going to exhibitions and concerts, picnics and other hang out. Thus, you can find like-minded friends for any activity.

Find like-minded people with Initway

Features of social platforms for company search

The most important thing the modern social network Initway offers is the ability to quickly and effectively contact those people who have the same interests and hobbies. 

A fairly simple interface, an exciting search process, a large database – finding a good company becomes a matter of a few minutes. Here there are many people who are ready to go with you and spend time together. If you wish, you can gather enough like-minded people to organize your own amateur team in any sport or for an event. What’s important – it can be a one-time meeting or an ongoing fellowship. 

How to use the social network Initway

The main advantage of the new social network is that all functionality is aimed at creating real connections, contacts in the physical world, which is so lacking in our digital time. In order to use the social network was simple and convenient, its developers have devoted a lot of time to navigation and interface:

  • the first action of each user is registration;
  • search for an interesting and exciting event in the relevant category of the site and join a company (it’s the simplest solution is to join the company that is already being created, it can be done in one click);
  • create your own activity in a special form, if you have not found an event that you liked – it can be either a game of scrabble or an exhibition of a popular artist. Even if it’s just a basketball game, when there is a playground nearby, but there is no team, you create the appropriate activity and meet other game lovers at a convenient time.
Social platforms for finding activities

It will not be a problem to find a partner for activities and hang out – each event creator chooses the conditions for finding friends or companions. Navigation is as accessible as possible – everything is divided into categories and provided with explanations. For those who are concerned about the protection of their personal data, it is very important to know that the site is reliably protected from unauthorized access to the user’s profile or contacts, so such a network can be trusted. 

So it’s enough just to join the community and meet like-minded people at interesting events.

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