Mexico’s LGBT community roars disapproval at film on gay adoption


Advocates are seeing red over an upcoming film called “Pink” that appears to be filled with stereotypes and negative messages about same-sex couples adopting children. The poster asks the question: “gay adoption—success or mistake?” Advocates have started a petition asking the country’s human rights commission to look into whether the film is homophobic. Its opening is scheduled for March 4. According to some media reports the commission is already investigating the issue.

“Pink” was directed by Paco del Toro and his company Armagedon Films which has made other films with a conservative point of view, as well as a film about singer Yuri. Advocates recently protested at a concert by Yuri, who allegedly supports the film and who has a large number of LGBT fans. A look at the film’s trailer confirms advocates’ fears that it’s chock full of stereotypes and anti-gay caricatures.

More on the controversy in this story (in Spanish) in Buzzfeed.

A ban on adoption by same-sex couples was struck down in August of 2015 by Mexico’s highest court. In the U.S. there are approximately 1.4 million LGBT Latinos and about 30% of them are raising children. Dishonest and stereotypical representations fuel prejudice, foment anti-LGBT violence and give a green light to LGBT bullying which, sadly, already makes life intolerable for young gay and transgender people all around the world.

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