Stress Reduction via Mobile Game Apps, Keep Calm and Game On

Mobile Game Apps

Mobile game apps are an excellent activity for more than just killing time and having fun. These are potent stress busters that help you find you Zen. Every game varies in its concept, but most of these are designed to be purpose-oriented, addictive, and stimulating.

When it comes to calming the rumbling thoughts in your mind, playing a game is always a much better strategy than simply sitting quietly. Usually, exercising, meditation, and music are the most recommended activities to relieve your stress. But how often do you hear someone say that one gaming challenge a day, keeps your stress away?

Games certainly help improve your mood and cut you off from other taxing activities of the day. These are:

  1. Meditative in nature

Games are designed with the concept to help players stay focused on the present rather than dwelling in the past. Most gamers achieve this state of mind effortlessly and involuntarily no matter they’re playing puzzles or shooting enemies. This feeling of flow is highly attainable since most games have smaller, achievable tasks to do, and nothing too overwhelming. Games don’t feel like a chore, and instead, help you rewind from a long tiring or dull day.

  1. Break you free from life’s challenging goals

It’s safe to say that mobile game apps are an instant gratification tool. If you’re leading a hard life and struggling through setbacks, a game like Jigsaw Puzzles or Solitaire gives you a sense of satisfaction. You aren’t accountable to anyone, no overstretching objectives, no time constraints, sheer gameplay, and entertainment – that’s all! Even if you’re at work or feeling stuck, take a break and play a game for five minutes – you’ll feel the difference.

  1. Help build a social playground

It’s no secret – humans are social beings. It’s one of our most fundamental desires to stay and feel connected to our family and friends. Mobile game apps help create that (virtual) social atmosphere that encourages healthy interactions to compete with like-minded individuals. Games that demand teamwork further help develop one’s cooperation and supporting skills.

A study published by the International Journal of Human Computer supports the fact that gaming activities do benefit in post-work-related stress recovery. In fact, a lot of times, mobile games even outperform mindfulness apps to reduce one’s stress. Another study by UCL and the University of Bath showed how the respondents of their survey felt more energized and happier playing video games than using a fidget spinner or other methods of distraction after solving a math test.

So doesn’t it feel great to know that even science supports your idea of a mid-Monday afternoon break – i.e., solving puzzles and reducing stress! When played in moderation, games can positively help you recharge and boost your creativity before rejoining the real world!

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