The Complete Maintenance Guide You’ll Need for Your Food Truck

The Complete Maintenance Guide You'll Need for Your Food Truck

The food truck business has been increasing for a while among the citizens of the UAE. People from all walks of life have now begun to rely on food trucks for many of their daily meals, or even just a quick snack between the meal intervals. The food truck business has also advanced in the state, and several vendors neither have nor turned to rental food trucks in the UAE for their booming market and high profits. However, owning a food truck and effectively maintaining it is considerably different from the entire experience. The following are a few maintenance mistakes that you should avoid when undergoing a full maintenance guide.

Avoiding regular maintenance

While caring for your food truck may be considered expensive, it is expertly advised not to skip on any regular maintenance routines to save a few bucks in your food truck business. Every owner’s vehicle manual carries a daily maintenance routine that is to be followed for proper upkeep of your rental truck.

It is essential to care for your air and oil filters appropriately, subsequently changing them at the right interval to avoid the overburden of your engine.

Your food truck requires other tasks to be completed on time as well, to keep up with the pressure of constant usage for many hours daily. Jobs such as failure to replace worn-out brake pads, not checking up on your tires, and too much air pressure or inflation can result in serious harm to your truck.

Poor communication with your mechanic

It is not widely heard of that your mechanic knows your vehicle better than you, which is why clear communication with them as to how the vehicle has been responding is vital to the maintenance guide.


The more you talk with your mechanic, the better the chance of getting your vehicle a beneficial maintenance routine for your truck. Keep a clear record of how your truck performs every day, and if you hear any uncommon noise or smell a strange scent from the vehicle. Avoid changing your mechanic on a repeated basis, and ensure that you share whatever you feel is out of context for your truck with them.

A stock of handy supplies

In the business of food trucks where you have to roam from place to place, it is advisable to carry a certain number of supplies with yourself, which can be put to use if you run into any trouble with your vehicle. However, in such cases, one must also have explicit knowledge and when and how to use these supplies.

An essential list of what you can carry is:

  • Emergency tool kit
  • First aid and blankets
  • Jumper cables
  • Tire jacks and items needed to repair flat tires
  • An extra pair of tires
  • Flares and flashlights
  • An extra quart of oil and a funnel

Observation of dashboard warning lights

However, minuscule the popping of dashboard warning lights may seem to you; they always only act up when something is wrong with the inner mechanism of your truck. It is recommended not to ignore the dashboard warning lights whenever they pop up and instantly check for the immediate signs of any malfunctioning within the vehicle.

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