What Type of Bollard Do I Need?

What Type of Bollard Do I Need

Bollards are very imperative in all the areas of designing and providing important consideration for pedestrian and traffic control. They are firmly mounted vertical posts that are located for the physical barrier not only to protect life and property but also to control vehicle traffic and aesthetic environment. The proper type of bollard can be chosen with factors including the type of bollards, usage for protection, aesthetic, and functional requirements taken into consideration. There are many types of security bollards, but high-impact security bollards have a very special meaning where high levels of protection are required. This article will take you through the different types of bollards and help you decide which one suits your needs.

Decorative Bollards

Decorative bollards are a way of enhancing the aesthetics of the environment while providing some securing activity and controlling traffic. These are generally made from materials like cast iron, aluminum, or steel, and the designs vary from very simple patterns to those of a more complex nature that could be in tune with the architectural style of the area. These are applied where parks, walkways, and historic districts take on a more aesthetic appearance, but some type of barrier needs to be in place.

Bendable bollard

The bendable bollards on impact are best used in places where vehicles are allowed, though under cautious observation, and places where minor impacts can be reported. Generally, such bollards are constructed with the material that can only sustain the impacts and do not have any capability of damaging the vehicle upon the impact with the same. They are usually used in parking lots and bike lanes to remind the drivers visually about the lot without causing any significant threat to the safety of vehicles.

Lighted bollard

Lighted bollards can be used both as lighting tools and security equipment. With additional in-built lighting fittings, they are perfect for lighting up places like pathways, driveways, and even landscapes for use at night. This type of lighting might be powered using electricity or solar; both the above solutions are best used in urban and residential areas for their needs in terms of both decorations and practicality.

Retractable bollards

Retractable bollards are ideal for areas that require occasional vehicle access. Hands, electronic means, and hydraulics can then be used when raising or lowering these bollards according to the level of security needed and the level of access intensity required. Retractable bollards are most common in places like the emergency lane, private driveways, and where there is the need for flexibility in controlling vehicle access.

High-Impact Security Bollards

Operating in much the same manner as the retractable variety, the automatic control mechanisms provide the convenience and extra security. The units can come connected to an access control system such as keypads, card readers, or remote controls, so they ideally suit places having strict access control and protection. The high-impact security bjsones are designed to bring out maximum protection against all kinds of vehicular threats. In such kind of bollards, high-speed impacts are withstood. Hence, these bollards can be used at points like government buildings, military bases, or commercial arenas where huge risk drawn up for vehicular attacks. Constructed of reinforced steel and anchored deep into the ground, these high-impact security bollards are almost insuperable from both accidental and purposeful vehicle crashes.

Removable Bollards

Removable bollard can be dismounted from its mounting whenever a need for passage is realized. It gives an entity great flexibility in controlling access for spaces that do not allow fixed or permanent fixtures. Temporary access or a place where often-changing access control is needed best suits this bollard.

Crash-Rated Bollards

In contrast, crash-rated bollards are those that have rated tests for given speeds and weights, just as airfields do for jet aircraft. That is critical in high-security areas where the threat of deliberate vehicular attacks looms large. This rating is based on standards outlined by organizations such as the Department of State and other regulatory bodies as to what effect level the bollards can have.


However, care should be taken in the consideration of the security, aesthetics, and functional requirements to determine which bollard type best suits a project. Whether your needs are high-impact security bollards for maximum security or decorative security bollards for aesthetic value, there is the right solution for every possible scenario. In this regard, therefore, there is the need to properly assess the peculiar vulnerabilities and demands that would obtain in that area, the way that they would change over time. Manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic effectively, improve safety, and beautify any setting with the right bollards.

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