What Makes Java So Special From Other Programming Languages

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Java is one of the most popular programming languages among many due to being a general-purpose computer programming language. While being the general-purpose language, it has also gained popularity for being object-oriented, concurrent and class-based too. 

This can be said because of its rapid ascension and wide acceptance to its design and programming features along with a belief that mobile app developers can write a program on it and run it anywhere they want. Being so robust and amazing to use, Java is today commonly used for creating web and mobile applications. 

Though the language first made its appearance in the industry 2 decades back, due to its compelling characteristics and continuous evolution have kept it new as it first came. 

The language is quite common for those who are in the mobile app industry for years but for those who are just venturing into the world of it often gets confused about which programming language to specialize in or use for app development projects. However, if one goes by ranking criteria, Java is the language that tops the chart with all its features and great characteristics. 

The language is filled with many great advantages and plus points, so without further ado, let us quickly check out its advantages one by one. 

Advantages of Java over other programming languages


One of the foremost and most popular advantage of Java is that it is quite easy to write, easy to read due to its syntax, compile, and debug as compared to other programming languages like C++, Objective-C, C## and many more. 

The preciseness and ease make Java mobile app programmers become productive in a shorter period of time.


Another interesting advantage of Java is that it allows one to create modular programs and reusable code while keeping the system extensible and flexible.

Open-source libraries

Due to a large number of open-source libraries while being matured with industrial support ensured Java to be used everywhere. 

Apache, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc have contributed to the building of the libraries and the practice made Java even more popular as compared to other languages. 

It is free

There is fierce and intense competition prevailing in the market. Many of the mobile app development companies and other web app development firms often look for solutions that can offer them a great advantage by spending the minimal. To this, Java acts like a one-man army by offering robust solutions while being free and cost-effective. 

Great community support

The language is quite old as compared to other languages in the market, thus it has extensive community support. The support helps many young and novice Java developers to learn its art and become productive and innovative soon.

It is secure
The language does not have an explicit pointer while having security managers that can define its access to classes. 

It is Platform-independent

The language runs on any machine that does not require any need for special software installation, meanwhile, the only demand is that JVM should be present on the machine. 


Due to wider acceptance of the language, more companies are incorporating the language in their app/web development projects. And the practice is somehow opening gates for the newcomers who are willing to make their future as a Java developer. 

When this was about the advantages Java provides to the mobile app developers, whereas it does have some disadvantages too. Let’s figure them out too.

Disadvantages of Java

  • Compared to C++, Java compiler is not well optimized.
  • With Java, there is no separation of specification from implementation.
  • No doubt, memory management with Java is still a bit expensive.
  • Due to the lack of templates, the ability of Java to create high-quality data structures lags.
  • The mobile app developers can find some bugs in browsers and example programs.

The list is not that long as compared to the advantages offered by Java. this is the reason, the language can be used for many different purposes like-

Android app development

Due to Java’s robustness, great features and cost-effectiveness, there are many mobile applications available in the market that are written in Java programming language. 

The most popular apps are Google Play Store, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flipkart, Whatsapp.

Web application development

Another area where Java is highly used is for the writing of web apps and E-commerce apps/websites. 

Big data

Organizations do produce large amounts of data that cannot be neglected, rather it gets stored in the cloud-based services. Seeing the constant need for securing and saving data, Big Data Management tools like Hadoop makes the use of Java in several ways. 

This is all about Java, meanwhile, there are so many other aspects attached to it. Though the language is old as compared to other programming languages but with continuous support from the community, the language does have the ability to overtop other languages. 

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