What the Snake Means as a Scorpio Spirit Animal

What the Snake Means as a Scorpio Spirit Animal

Psychic readings for Scorpio sometimes involve spirit animals, one of which is the snake. Snakes are prominent symbols in many cultures, and learning about them can help you better understand Scorpio’s mysterious nature. According to mythology, here are the top meanings associated with snakes.

Fascination With Danger & Death

Many snakes are venomous, and anyone familiar with the outdoors knows not to go near one. Even though some species are harmless and even make great pets, pop culture associates these reptiles with some negative elements:

  • Danger
  • Deception
  • Death

Scorpios may seem dangerous to other signs due to their stand-offishness. There’s always a lot going on below the surface with Scorpios, but they rarely show their hand. This secretive nature makes those born under the scorpion seem mysterious, which can be a draw for the more adventurous star signs.

While Scorpios are no more likely to be criminals than any other sign, you should be wary about crossing them. The scorpion is assertive and not afraid to transgress social niceties if you violate its boundaries. Like a snake, this water sign may lash out before you can protect yourself. However, if you heed its warnings and keep your distance, you have nothing to worry about.

Symbolizes Rebirth

This snake spiritual meaning dates back to ancient Egypt, though it’s also present in ancient Greek and Native American mythology. Snakes shed their skin, becoming new entities throughout their lives. You may also have seen the ouroboros, an image of a snake eating its own tail, which represents the cycle of rebirth.

Some cultures also view the snake as a symbol of fertility. Scorpios can tap into this energy and make new lives for themselves, even if it means starting over.

Embodies Healing

Snakes have a close connection to healing, even in the modern age. The caduceus, an image of two snakes coiling around a staff, is the official emblem for several government agencies associated with health care. The caduceus originates from Greek mythology, but there are records from Syria showing even older depictions of staffs and snakes representing medicine.

Though Scorpios initially hide their true selves, they’re very protective and loyal to loved ones once they form a bond. They make great support systems for those struggling with mental or physical illness, as Scorpios will drop everything to care for their people.

Signifies Magical Energy

As a water sign, Scorpios have an innate connection to psychic forces. Snakes appear in stories of magic and power throughout history, making them an ideal animal for the scorpion.

Though water signs, Scorpios have deep passions. They’re most potent when tapping into these emotions, though they can get swept away if they indulge too much. The snake offers wisdom by staying close to the earth, balancing spiritual power and foundational grounding.

Learning about your spirit animal is a good way to connect with your spiritual self. You can start by talking to a medium about which creatures correspond with your star sign. A psychic can also explain the crow spiritual meaning or symbolism of other animals that regularly appear in your life or dreams.

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