6 Social Media Habits To Avoid For A Hassle-free Divorce


Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has become second nature for people to share their feelings on a topic or the latest happenings in their lives on such platforms. While posting updates during normal times is fine, it may not be the correct approach during a tough period like divorce. Here we are discussing some social media habits to avoid for a divorce without trouble. Separating from a spouse can be an emotionally disturbing experience. In addition to the emotional trauma, you also have to take care that the legal process goes along smoothly. 

Senseless use of social media can cause hurdles in the path of completing the separation procedure. A man in the middle of divorce posted pictures of him and his girlfriend on his Facebook account. The photos of the couple created problems for his divorce Lawyer in Port Saint Lucie Florida who had a tough time countering claims from the opposite side about his client’s infidelity. Let’s take a look at the social media habits that you must steer clear of when going through a legal separation. 

1. Giving Vent To Your Emotions On Social Media

Divorces can have a serious impact on a person’s emotional health. There can be times when such individuals feel a surge of emotions within themselves. Since social media has become an extension of our physical lives, it is natural that people feel they can vent out their feelings on these platforms. However, this is not an acceptable practice more so during a legal separation procedure. In case, you log on to a network and post an outburst that contains incorrect references or claims that cannot be verified, it can cause serious problems in the courtroom. Such posts can be used as evidence to discredit you.

2. Posting Images Showing Use Of Alcohol Or Banned Substance

Apart from text-based posts, people like to upload photographs on their profiles. However, during a separation, it will be advisable to refrain from posting photos. Let’s say you are feeling low and your friends take you out to cheer you up. Respecting their intention you go along with them to a bar where you take one drink. Now a picture of you with a glass of alcohol in a bar is posted on a network. Imagine how this image will be used by the opposing attorney if you are going through a messy divorce. Pictures of an individual with alcohol or banned substances can be used as proof to support claims of drug or alcohol abuse.

3. Discussing Information Related To The Case

Another of the social media habits to avoid a divorce without trouble is discussing the details of the case on such platforms. Let’s say a well-wisher asks you how things are going with your separation. You respond by telling the person about the approach your attorney is going to take in the case. This exposes your strategy to the whole world. If your spouse has adopted a confrontationist attitude right from the beginning then of the case, then he/she will use this information to raise some more obstacles. 

4. Sharing Information About Your Location

Social channels have a feature that automatically posts about your location. It will be wise to disable this feature while the divorce proceedings are underway. Just like photographs, location details can also create serious problems for you. Let’s go back to our example of your friends taking you to a bar. In case, location-sharing is enabled, then your spouse will know about where you were hanging out. This can be used to create your image of a person who cannot be trusted with the responsibility of children. It can also be used to contest alimony claims.

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5. Deleting Content From Your Social Profile

Social media posts that are public can be used as legal evidence. This means that all the laws that apply to evidence can be applied to social posts as well. We mentioned posting an emotionally charged post, in the first point. Now, you get up in the morning and realize that whatever you did was not right. You delete the post thinking it is now erased forever. However, the act of deletion can be treated as destroying evidence. Always be careful while posting and deleting updates on your profile.  

6. Discussing Your Finances On Social Media

Let’s say, in the middle of a bitter battle with your spouse over her alimony amount, you post a picture of your new car. Now imagine the reaction of the judge when she is presented with this evidence. Chances are she will not only give a favorable verdict in favor of your ex-partner but also raise the amount. Remember to avoid talking about your finances or anything related to them on social channels.


These are some of the top social media habits to avoid a divorce without any hassle. It will be best to turn off all notifications and refrain from using such channels as long as the legal proceedings of separation are going on.

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