9 Gifts to Surprise Your BFF Who is a Minimalist by Heart

Gifts to Surpris

In this crowded world, to find the one who is your soulmate is nothing less than a wonder, and if you are lucky enough to have a friend who is always by your side, no matter what, then you should treasure him/her like a brilliant solitaire. To make your BFF smile, the existence of an occasion is not necessary because an unexpected gift will not only make their day but will also make them feel exceptionally happy. Here are a few simple and thoughtful gifts, which can make your confidante feel special. 

  1. The Self Care Kit

With all the mental hurdles and physical pain in our day to day life, we all could use a little self-care. Assemble your friend’s favorites, be it creams and lotions, healthy food supplements or scented candles and remind them to take care of themselves because they are a precious star in this world who should keep shining with all its might!

  1. Plants For Life

Order for them a lucky bamboo online which requires minimal care and is supposed to bring an abundance of luck and prosperity in the space in which he/she resides. This one will steal your friend’s heart instantly and will also add a dash of nature to their interiors. A wholesome gift for a cherished person in your life!

  1. The Sweet Temptation

The days that are blue and gloomy, a slice of a scrumptious cake could enlighten it with happiness! Send a delicious cake to your bestie through any online bakery to any nook and corner of the country and shower them with the happiness of all kinds!

  1. Radiating Fragrance 

A person’s signature is a fragrance that they carry and lingers even long after they leave the place. This time, surprise your best buddy with an aroma to which they can’t say no! Trust us, it will make them feel way better than an expensive jewelry item. 

  1. Something To Carry Their World Along

Say ‘No’ to neon-colored handbags that are trending right now, and pick a beautiful change with pastels that will exude a soothing effect on your friend’s mind. A simple tote bag in a soft-hued tone will bring a refreshing addition to their wardrobe, and your friend will be teary-eyed that you know her so well. If you are picking for him, choose a navy blue wallet emitting classy vibes.

  1. Handwritten Letters That Speak Love

Nothing says love more than a personalised touch in gifts and what could speak volumes about your love to your friend better than a handwritten letter saying all things sweet and nice. Write what makes them so special in your life and the important role that they had played to make you feel happy at the moment. Believe us when we say, this will be treasured forever!

  1. Book For A Knowledge Worm

If books are his/her best friend, then do them a favor and add a classic one to their collection. We bet, it will make them a happier soul and will bless you from all their hearts for understanding them so finely. A good book portrays magic like nothing else.

  1. A Timeless Experience

A true minimalist always values experiences over things, and you could surprise them by planning an experience that they have always dreamt of. It could be a trip to their favorite amusement park, a talked-about museum or taking them out for paragliding, pick one from their list that they have always been talking about and watch them go frolic around like a kid.

  1. Charity In Their Name

If your friend has philanthropist views, then make them fall in love with you all over again when you donate to a charity on their name! It’s a gift idea for special one that will warm their hearts and will make the world a better place to live in.

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