All You Need To Know About Trademark Name Registration And Company Trademark Registration

trademark name registration

A trademark is used as a visual symbol by a business to distinguish its goods and services from different goods and services originating from a different business. A trademark name registration is an important asset for a company and provides its goods and services from any intrusion of infringement. However, a company trademark registration is different from simple trademark registration. The differences are as follows:

  • A trademark registration is used as a visual symbol and provides ownership of intellectual property, rights to exclusive use and legal protection from copyright infringement. Meanwhile, a company trademark registration is different. It is the creation a separate judicial identity registered under the Companies Act of 2013. A company registration is a separate business entity capable of entering into business transactions and ownership of property. It is not just a brand name but a completely workable business entity.
  • The procedure of a trademark registration usually takes more than 12 months. Once a trademark has been registered, it can be placed next to the company logo let people know that a trademark application has been filed. On the other hand, a company registration is a short-term process and does not take more than 20 days to be operational. Once a company is registration, a certificate of incorporation can be obtained which helps to get other sorts of registrations done.
  • A trademark registration provides exclusivity of symbol to the intellectual property. Meanwhile, accompany registration is separate business identity and can register under multiple trademarks.

In India, a trademark can be registered by any Indian or foreign national-forming a legal or business identity is not always necessary. However, the documents required for a trademark registration can be found in the following points:

  • Copy of the logo, black and white will be preferable. The application can be filed for the word in case the logo is not provided.
  • A signed copy of form 48.this is filed by a trademark attorney on the applicant’s behalf.
  • Address proof of the individual or  proprietor
  • Identity proof of the individual or proprietor.
  • In case of a company trademark registration, the entrepreneur would have to submit the following:
  • Copy of logo(not mandatory)
  • Signed form-48
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Identity proof of signatory
  • Address proof of signatory

Brand image

A trademark heightens the brand image and apart from making it glamorous, it provides added security to it. Besides, a trademark registration is voluntary because without it the brand will not be assigned intellectual property and will not be able to obtain other registration without it. The trademark bears heavily on the consumer’s perception and shapes and forms his ideas about the company.

Last of all a trademark registration is different from patent and copyright registration. Patents are used for those inventions which will further up the industrial application whereas copyright is used for artistic and literary works. A trademark is a business oriented copyright protection to protect brand names, business names, slogans and more.

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