Study Plan for NEET Exam

Study Plan for NEET Exam

National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts NEET exams every year. This is an exam for all aspirants who are seeking admission to the best medical colleges all across the globe. Today this exam is also valid to get admission to private medical colleges.

If you are planning to give NEET examination, you need to get in touch with the best institute for NEET, which provides the best guidance to all the aspirants. In this blog, you will understand the total study plan for NEET Exam preparation and how NEET classes can help in clearing exams with excellent marks.

NEET Study Plan 2023

The National Eligibility Entrance Test is one of the most challenging exams of all time. It is seen that lakhs of aspirants appear for this exam every year just with the motivation to clear this exam. A lot of applicants only 1% of applicants successfully clear up the exam.

This is not an exam that can be cleared just by preparing for a few days. all the aspirants who wish to clear up this exam with great marks need to put in a lot of sincere effort for clearing this exam. The aspirant’s Hard and smart work, and consistency is something that can help in achieving high scores in the exam. All the aspirants need to be very much clear about the study plan so that all the efforts are put in accordingly.


All the aspirants need to be very much clear about the NEET exam pattern and syllabus. According to all this information, they will get a proper idea of how to start planning to put effort into the exam. you might see a lot of people taking Neet classes. These classes are well organized that provide all the aspirants with the information and knowledge used to clear up this exam. just make a complete understanding of the exam syllabus and start your preparation accordingly.

All NEET exam aspirants need to be fully aware of the important topics that are consistently asked in the exam. Following is the list of important topics for NEET 2023. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Biology: Pay proper attention to topics like Principles of Inheritance and Variation, Sexual reproduction in Flowering, plants, even humans, Biological classifications, etc.
  • Chemistry: Topics like P-block elements, Biomolecules, Biochemistry, Coordination Compounds, etc are very important topics.
  • Physics: Checkout topics like Thermodynamics, Semiconductors, communication systems, Current electricity, etc are important ones that need extra attention.

The exam pattern of NEET is quite simple. The exam is divided into three parts Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Both physics and chemistry are 180 marks each. Biology is further divided into two parts i.e., Botany and Zoology which is of 180 marks each. So, the total marks for the exam are 720 marks.

Guidelines for the preparation of the NEET exam

There are different general guidelines according to the exam.

So, the general guidelines for the preparation for the NEET exam (Physics) are stated below:

  • Always focus more on the important topics in the chapter and accordingly prepare notes for them.
  • Physics will involve a lot of formulas, just don’t cram them. rather it is better to understand and memorize it.
  • Start from the basic topics, so that a good base is built up and it becomes easier to understand further topics.
  • In physics problem solving is the basic key to success. Just carefully look at the questions and accordingly look for the best solutions.
  • You can go to the best NEET classes near me, to understand and clarify different topics regarding physics.

General guidelines for the preparation for the NEET exam (Chemistry) are given below:

  • Just read all the important topics of chemistry from NCERT for in-depth understanding.
  • Follow some tricks to memorize the periodic table.
  • Pay proper attention to exceptions because these are something that is mostly asked in the exam.
  • Solve different questions after completing studying a topic. This will help the aspirant to memorize the topic well.
  • Learn all the concepts related to the mechanism with clarity.

General guidelines for the Preparation of the NEET Exam (Biology) are stated below:

  • Give an in-depth study of every topic regarding Biology and make proper notes for the final revision.
  • Appear for different preparation tests just to analyse your understanding regarding different topics.
  • NCERT books can play a major role, so stick to them for better clarity of biology concepts.
  • Pay proper attention to diagrams as these are frequently asked in the exam.
  • Write down important questions so that they can be revised properly during the final revision.
  • Get into the best online or offline coaching to get clarity of topics and get proper guidance for the preparation of Biology from experts.

For the best preparation for the NEET exam, the aspirant need to have a proper study plan that needs to be followed consistently to get great results. Go through the different study materials which can provide proper details on different topics covered in the NEET exam.


If you are an aspirant who wishes to appear in the NEET exam? For better preparation for the NEET exam, you can go to the best NEET classes near me. Physics Wallah is one of the most popular coaching centres that avails both online and offline modes of coaching. You can get enrolled with this platform just to get the best coaching to clear the NEET exam with flying colours.

Frequently asked questions

How much time it takes to prepare for the NEET exam? 

Answer. If you are willing to appear for the NEET exam, you need to start your preparation for this exam, as soon as you decide to give this exam. NEET exam has an extensive syllabus to cover, better to start early.

Which is the best coaching for the NEET exam?

Answer. Today options regarding the NEET exam are many. Physics Wallah is one of the most popular platforms which has gained the attention of a lot of aspirants. You can check out details about coaching at Physics Wallah official website.

Which is the best study material for the preparation for the NEET exam?

Answer. In the market, a lot of online and offline resources are available. Just research for the best study material so that it can add the most to the aspirant’s knowledge.

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