Top 5 stunning designer frames in Men’s sunglasses 2020

stunning designer frames

Summer is here! When summer’s in the corner, what’s the other thing aside from Ocean and ice creams you think about? It’s sunglasses! Sunglasses are such an elegant and sophisticated fashion statement that says it all about your style. Men’s sunglasses 2020 is all about experimenting, good quality and better protection. There’s not any event, meeting and a look that’s complete without adding a stunning pair of sunglasses to your wardrobe list.

Sunglasses do more than just protection, they establish your style. However, picking a pair of sunglasses that’ll suit your style is pretty tough. Hence we came to your rescue. There have been several trends in men’s sunglasses in 2020 that are extremely fashionable and chic to add in your look. These sunglasses are new, contain dramatic and diverse features and work together to give you a handsome look.

Top 5 stunning trends in men’s sunglasses 2020

Metallic Round Sunglasses

Out of the trends that people can’t help but add to their outfit is metallic frame sunglasses. Metal glasses online and offline have seen a sudden surge in customer demand. These metallic round sunglasses are delicate and subtle. It’s not too much nor too less to ignore, it’s a perfect balance of what you need in everyday fashion.

You can take your Inspiration from Iconic John Lennon sunglasses that have become a style icon. Fan of rock n roll or not, these vintage-inspired gems can be pulled off by anyone. It’s light, shiny texture settles in with any outfit choice and with a different range of shades and tints, you give off a young and flirtatious vibe. Round metallic sunglasses are a must for this season, as these sunglasses are considered a non-serious and adventurous pair.

Geometric Sunglasses

It’s all about balance and fine lines. Geometric sunglasses are a new growing trend all over the market. It’s subtle beauty and exquisiteness gives it a sophisticated appeal and polished look. Geometry sunglasses are crafted and drawn from taking practical inspiration shapes from mathematics. As the name suggests, your sunglasses get to be more than just round or square. You can make any of your preferred geometric shapes.

Geometric shapes, apart from its striking and unique edges are known to add structure and symmetry to your face. Specscart offers the best range in geometric sunglasses. It contains geometric frames in hexagonal, octagonal, irregular hexagonal and a mix of round and square shape in one frame. It’s widely popular among youngsters and fashion-enthusiast for having diverse crowds of vintage to modern geometric frames. Geometric sunglasses are all about elegance. These frames are subtle, smooth and perfect additions to your date night or sombre outdoor outfit.

Double-bridge Aviators

Forget about the classic aviators we’ve grown out of, it’s time you switch to a modern spin and bold statement with double-bridge aviators. Though Aviators aren’t a trend, it’s something that has been in fashion from the historic times but recently getting better definition. If you are also bored with the uniformity of seeing aviators all over summer then there’s nothing better than switching to double-bridge aviators.

They are a bolder and brighter definition of Aviators. It contains an attention-grabbing top bar that defines your face structure.

Thick Tortoise Shell Frames

Tortoiseshell frames are adored worldwide and there’s no possible explanation that would explain the beauty it possesses. The perfect mix of yellow with black is a stunning combination to add on any of the wardrobe choices.  However, tortoiseshell frames were popularly yet limited to only prescription glasses rather than being prominent on sunglasses frames.

Fortunately, many fashion designers across the world are pushing this trend to a whole nother level. Thick and bulgy tortoiseshell frames are bold and attention-grabbing. It makes your face highlight and appears the centrepiece of attraction while giving your wardrobe a beautiful vividity.

Browline Wayfarer Sunglasses

Want to appear smart and mysterious? Browline wayfarer sunglasses are the ideal selection for appearing way better on any outfit. The browline feature on sunglasses is an attention-grabbing feature that brings your eyes to the face. It’s different and bold in shape and sometimes in colour, which leads to a striking appearance and interesting look on the face.

Browline wayfarer sunglasses come in different ranges of colours but the browline is mostly found in black texture. The highest form of recognition that comes with browline wayfarer sunglasses is appearing a person with high IQ i.e you appear smart and organised.

These top 5 sorted new trends in sunglasses by our experts would help you get a stunning summer wardrobe collection. Get these designer sunglasses UK at Specscart at an unbeatable price range You’ll find all sorts of sunglasses in a wide variety of design, colour and pattern that’ll make you want to add them in your look. Whether you’re looking for street outfit sunglasses or a posh suit sunglasses, you’ll get them all at Specscart. The brilliant part about purchasing at Specscart is getting no additional or hidden charge, i.e it offers free coating. Coatings such as anti-glare, UV-resistance, scratch-resistance, and Impact resistance are completely free fully loaded on Specscart’ lenses. Get them now and get your sartorial summer upgrade.

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