What are the reasons for a C-Section?

What are the reasons for a C-Section

Motherhood begins way before the actual act of childbirth. As the news of pregnancy is confirmed, a couple begins to tenderly care for their baby. Though this care between parents and children extends during their lifespans, the delivery of a child is a major life event. And so almost every aspect of delivery is significant to the expecting parents. The type of delivery is an extremely important decision. Childbirth can happen naturally or through a C-section. CK Birla Hospital is the best hospital for maternity in Gurgaon that offers complete maternal care including cesarean deliveries. 

In this article, Dr Anjali Kumar, the best obstetrician in Gurgaon, explains why an expecting mother would require a cesarean delivery. 

What is a C-Section?

A cesarean or a C-Section delivery is a surgical operation for childbirth. It is an alternative to natural vaginal delivery. 

C-sections have been around for a long period of time. They are highly safe procedures that rarely cause any complications. However, as compared to natural birth, a cesarean delivery is slightly risky. 

Almost all mothers around the world would choose a natural birth over a C-Section. However, sometimes, going through a cesarean is not a matter of choice. 

Your obstetrician would monitor your health pre-delivery. Based on the health of you and your child, your doctor would advise if you need a cesarean. 

What are the common reasons for a C-Section?

Cesarean delivery is suggested or indicated by the doctor in the following cases:

Multiple pregnancies – If a woman is carrying more than one baby, then she may be recommended to deliver through C-section. It is because multiple pregnancies can extend the severity of labor on the mother which can further cause complications. 

Abnormal positioning of the baby – Babies naturally change their position to headfirst for a vaginal delivery. Sometimes, babies may come to an abnormal position like feet first or butt first. This situation is known as a breech birth. 

If the baby’s shoulders or side are present first, it is called transverse birth. If your baby does not change the position as the delivery date approaches, your obstetrician may schedule a C-Section. 

Prolonged labour – If your labor time is extended or prolonged for more than 20 hours, your doctor may recommend that you undertake a C-section. This situation is also called stalled labor. 

Fetal distress – Your obstetrician may perform a C-section in the state of an emergency. For instance, if the baby is not receiving any or sufficient oxygen.

Cord prolapse – A cord prolapse is a condition when the umbilical cord of the baby slips through the cervix. This condition can harm the baby if the birth is vaginal. Doctors can perform a cesarean to avoid the complications caused by cord prolapse. 

Birth defects If there are possibilities of birth defects in a child, the doctor chooses to perform a cesarean delivery. C-section reduced delivery complications for babies who have a birth defect. 

Chronic health conditions Women who live with chronic health conditions may be recommended that they deliver through a C-Section. It is because a natural birth may pose high risks to their state of health. These conditions include heart diseases, hypertension, gestational diabetes or more. 

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean In some cases, expecting mothers can choose to deliver their babies through a C-section. It has been medically proven that a woman can birth the next child vaginally after cesarean delivery. This process is called vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). However, several factors are used to decide whether a VBAC is possible or not. 

Problems associated with the placenta If the placenta partially or fully covers the cervix, a C-section may be required. Another condition related to the placenta is its complete separation from the uterus. This is called placenta abruption. 

The best obstetrician in Gurgaon can offer personalised support on any of the above-given issues. You can book an appointment at the best hospital for maternity in Gurgaon for more details.

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