The Career Options with a B Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The Career Options with a B Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


It is anticipated that artificial intelligence would one day transform the world by making our lives easier. Along with Data Science experts have managed to speed up work and bring in more profits to corporations. One of the major ways that Artificial Intelligence functions are with data. Data is cleaned up and analyzed to find patterns and trends.

From environmental problems, healthcare, detecting frauds, food and water, diseases, and more, artificial intelligence can answer more questions. Since this industry is still in its nascency, there is immense scope in the future in terms of jobs.

Some of the best jobs open to a B Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science have been outlined in brief below.

What is B Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science?

A Bachelor of Technology degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is much like a traditional Engineering degree. Students in this degree, learn how to design artificial intelligence systems and how to use them in different ways. The four-year-long degree allows students to understand the limits of AI and what possibly can be done in the field.

Individuals need a strong knowledge of Statistics and Machine Learning for this industry. One would be learning how to develop machines that can mimic a human brain. Science students need to attempt the nationally held examination, JEE Main and JEE Advanced to get admission to this course.

Best Career Options After B Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence is used in several industries. Depending on what the responsibilities are in these industries, the role will change. The basic duty is, importantly, to make sense of data to make better decisions and help create AI systems. This is done by Data Scientists, AI Engineers, BI Developers, Machine Learning Engineers, and Deep Learning Engineers.

Data Scientist

Data is gold for organizations but they need an expert like Data Scientist to interpret the raw data. Data Scientists utilize their analytical, statistical, and programming knowledge to give shape to data according to the needs of the end user. Data is practically useless if it’s valuable unless it has been extracted by an individual with a B Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Graduates from BTech colleges in Solapur who go on to work as Data Scientists handle all aspects of data analysis from collection to feedback from the user. Their work is used to make essential business decisions by doing an analysis of trends. In India, this role fetches an average salary of around INR 8,94,368 LPA.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Another popular job role, at B Tech colleges in Maharashtra that offer B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, is Artificial Intelligence Engineer. These engineers will create algorithms that will let machines and applications make human-like decisions. The objective, as mentioned, is to replicate the human brain and develop a machine that can learn on its own to better itself. A, undoubtedly, tall but complex order job, it requires individuals to be fluent in Machine Learning and Mathematics. The average salary, currently, in India is around INR 7,60,000 LPA but with experience, it can go up to INR 20,00,000 LPA. 

Deep Learning Engineer

Deep learning is a concept that was first immersed in the 1940s to refer to the neural networks in the human brain. It has, however, taken time to gain traction until now. A sub-division of machine learning, the Deep Learning Engineer creates artificial neural networks that give solutions for datasets. This is a newer job role as evidenced by the placement records at engineering colleges in Maharashtra but has tremendous scope. Data Learning Engineers are a part of projects with numerous other engineers. Their scope is dependent on the job role and organization. To work as a Deep Learning Engineer, aspirants can expect average figures of INR 8,00,000 LPA.

Machine Learning Engineer

Another job role that is focused on artificial intelligence is Machine Learning Engineer. The responsibilities and duties of this role are like that of the previously mentioned profile except here all work is done using machine learning. Most engineering colleges in Solapur that offer AI have the graduates go on to work in this role. All software that this engineer makes learns from its previous decisions ensuring all future decisions are accurate. Their work uses massive data sets from which algorithms are created that are later tested. One role is still developing but fetches around INR 6,80,000 LPA.

System Engineer

It is not enough to simply create solutions and new algorithms. There must something be in place to detect problems as well. Thankfully, the B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science degree also prepares students to work for these various tasks. This role, System Engineer, involves determining problems within different systems. With the problem detected, the Engineer also generates a solution. Their goal is to maintain and make the necessary improvements to keep outdated systems current. Among all job roles mentioned here, the average salary for a System Engineer is lower at INR 4,40,000 LPA.

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

BI Developers, short for Business Intelligence, are all the different technology and strategy that a business adopts. Every day these businesses have a lot of data being generated; the BI Developer is hired to create software to help leverage said data. This developer has knowledge of BI tools that they use to simplify versions of complex data. Although a rudimentary understanding of coding and programming languages is preferred, BI developers are not required to have this knowledge. At any given stage of the career of a BI Developer, the average salary is around INR 6,00,000 LPA.

Which College Offers The Best B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science?

While several universities and engineering colleges in Osmanabad offer Engineering degrees in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, the best would undoubtedly is TERNA Engineering College, Nerul. Privately managed and located in Mumbai, the institute is the best in terms of faculty and infrastructure. Since 1989, the college has created a legacy of well-trained and experienced Engineers, who have since carved out hugely successful careers internationally and nationally in different roles.


Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are buzzwords that every school-leaving student has become aware of. Being an industry still in its nascent stage, job profiles are still developing and building. Students need to do thorough research before enrolling in a degree teaching AI and Data Science. Hopefully, the information mentioned here would be helpful in carving out an envy-worthy career.


  1. What can I do after my B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science?

There are several jobs in AI and Data Science depending on the scope of work. Most Engineers work as AI Engineers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, BI Developers, etc.

  1. Is B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science good?

How good a degree is depends on the individual’s capabilities to fully explore its offerings. However, AI and Data Science have definitely better job opportunities in the coming years.

  1. What job will I get after I study Artificial Intelligence?

Jobs specifically related to Artificial Intelligence are AI Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, and Deep Learning Engineer.

  1. Is AI a highly paid-job?

Yes. AI has wide applications and a large scope that has not yet been explored in the present. Per the list mentioned above, the best job in this field is Data Scientist at INR 8,94,368 LPA.

  1. Is AI a stable career?

Any technology-related job is constantly changing. Engineers are continually educating themselves to grow their careers. AI has stability as individuals gain experience and progress to higher positions.

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